At the US embassy’s Fourth of July party yesterday in the Palacio Bosch, Chargé D’Affaires Tom Cooney, leading the delegation in place of former US-Argentina ambassador Noah Mamet, stated that the US sees Argentina as “a leader in the region.”

“We are in very good relations with Argentina,” said Cooney, referring to Argentine President Mauricio Macri’s visit to US President Donald Trump in April. “The United States supports Argentina’s leadership in the region, and we have a lot of confidence.”

In particular, Cooney stressed the importance of Argentina and the US, as well as other Latin American countries in the OAS, to peacefully pressure Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro into following the example of other countries with democratic law rather than ruling by decree.

“Both Argentina and the United States expect a solution in the end to the crisis that many Venezuelans are suffering at the moment,” said Cooney during the party, which 1,000 guests attended. “The US and Argentina are working very hard for the support of the Venezuelan people.”

Additionally, Cooney confirmed US Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Argentina on August 15, during which Pence plans to contemplate the Venezuelan crisis with Macri.

“These visits speak of a mature relationship and community,” said Cooney. The interim ambassador did not broach the subject of Argentina allegedly exporting biodiesel at a price below the cost of production, a type of predatory pricing known as “dumping,” saying it was “being studied at the moment by the US Department of Commerce.”

Cooney emphasized Argentina’s importance in the G20 Summit, which is happening today in Hamburg, Germany, and that the City of Buenos Aires will play an important part as the host for the 2018 forum.

His comments on Venezuela are in accordance with those of Macri at the summit this morning. “Venezuela does not respect human rights,” said the Argentine president, who brought up international concern for the country’s people at the forum.