What can he say? Dulce de leche is inspring. Photo via Discovery

There are a lot of things that draw people to Argentina, some of which I’m sure include wine, tango, the nightlife, the art, or that rare and elusive creature commonly referred to as the chamuyero. Then, there are the reasons why people stay and return to Argentina. For Buddy Valastro, it was dulce de leche, which inspired him two years ago and is possibly what brought him back this week, local outlet Clarín reported today.

For those of you who are not familiar with the US culinary branch of reality television, Buddy Valastro is the star of a US show called Cake Boss that narrates the trials and tribulations of Valastro’s own Carlo’s Bakery. It’s based in New Jersey and is where Valastro started baking in at the ripe age of 11, a time when I was just discovering ramen noodles. He has baked for US royalty like Oprah Winfrey, Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears.

Valastro arrived in Argentina at the beginning of this week and made multiple appearances on Argentine television, including Susana Giménez’s self-titled variety show. Valastro featured four elaborate cakes on Giménez’s show, one of which was an edible Louis Vuitton purse in honor of Giménez’s love for fashion. But the cake that takes the cake, in my opinion, was the larger than life mate masterpiece, coated in other fondant Argentine staples, like wine, the Obelisco and people dancing tango but disappointingly no fondant steak.

Valastro made his first trip to Argentina two years ago, which is when he discovered his love for dulce de leche. On the Susana Giménez show, he called it, “Off the hook.” I couldn’t agree more, Valastro. My waistline as well.

After Valastro was inspired by dulce de leche, he took it back with him to the States to incorporate it in his sweets, including what would be become one of his top five most popular cupcakes. The cupcake features a gooey dulce de leche center. Can I order that with door-to-door delivery? I would like two dozen please.

Valastro has always enjoyed his time in Argentina, saying that the fans make him feel at home and that he felt the electricity when he arrived. I’m not sure if it’s because he loves his Argentine fans so much that he wants to give us the gift of baked goods or simply because of some market research that is working out in our favor, but whatever the case, Valastro said that his team is working on having some sort of bakery here in Argentina. He revealed that, “we are looking for partners and if we find the right partners undoubtedly we will.”

Buddy Valastro finds Argentina "electric" and was inspired by our dulce de leche. Photo via El Liberal
Buddy Valastro finds Argentina “electric” and was inspired by our dulce de leche. Photo via El Liberal

Valastro, I’m so happy that you have seen the light and promise to line up at your door if one of your bakeries lands in Buenos Aires. Now, I must go to the closest market and buy myself a tub of dulce de leche.