It’s no secret that education in the United States is expensive. Many people don’t even consider it as an option despite having some of the best programs in the world because of the barrier the price tag puts on the whole experience.

This week over a hundred countries are celebrating the 15th anniversary of International Education Week via their American embassies. The initiative is led by the US Department of State and highlights its sponsorship of international exchange programs. Accordingly, the US Embassy of Buenos Aires has organized multiple events with the aim of promoting and opening up access to US-based education programs.

Since assuming office in January this year, Noah Mamet, the US ambassador, has placed an emphasis on promoting stronger educational exchanges between the United States and Argentina “as part of President Obama’s ‘100,000 strong in the Americas’ initiative.” (You can learn more about the initiative here, to the sound of inspirational music.)

As part go the International Education Week, Mr. Mamet went to read books in English to local children before donating the books to the school.

We certainly like the idea of having these cuties reading our articles sometime soon.

It is important to break this perception that US education is unreachable. Barriers do exist, but with viable conversation and enough research, solutions can be found.