A recent release from US lawmakers stresses the importance for a continued bilateral relationship between Argentina and the United States. Both parties in the US Congress have recently signed a resolution recognising the positive steps that Argentina has made.

  • Read the full resolution here.

“Since his election, President (Mauricio) Macri has demonstrated [the country’s] commitment to strengthen relations with the US . Their economic reforms should transform Argentina into a major engine of economic growth in the Western Hemisphere. In the coming years, the US must continue to strengthen cooperation with Argentina in a set of bilateral, regional and global challenges, ” said Democrat senator, Chris Coons

Another aspect drawn upon was the continued effort to investigate the controversial death of Alberto Nisman. “Under President (Mauricio) Macri, Argentina is undertaking major reforms and taking steps to restore the rule of law . Nowhere is this more evident than in independent research that seeks justice for Alberto Nisman, the prosecutor who died mysteriously while investigating the Attack on AMIA” said Republican Senator, Marco Rubio.

Under the Obama administration various visits were made from the then president and agreements were signed with Macri to maintain a relationship and tackle various issues. The historic bilateral agreements on trade, security and the fight against drug-trafficking being the most notable. Judging by President Trump’s recent actions in regard to Argentine relations, namely his suspension of lemon imports for the next sixty days, only time will tell if the bilateral relationship between Argentina and the United States translates into trade policy or simply stops at praise.