US ambassador Edward Prado (Photo via Twitter, @USAmbassadorARG)

United States Ambassador to Argentina Edward Prado is now in Buenos Aires, and he has sent a message to Argentines promising to consolidate the bilateral relationship and to work for shared prosperity and in support of Argentine leadership in the region.

Prado, a former federal judge from Texas, has previously visited Argentina and, among other things, mentioned that he knows San Antonio Spurs basketball player Manu Gibóbili and traditional Argentine foods such as choripán and empanadas, and a malbec wine as high points of what will be his new home. Prado arrived in Buenos Aires this morning after being confirmed by the US Senate in March, and becomes the first ambassador since former head of mission Noah Mamet departed in January 2017.

Speaking in Spanish, Prado has made it clear that he intends to work closely with the Macri administration. The former judge compared Argentina with his home state of Texas, noting that both feature cattle, cowboys, and abundant energy reserves.

In light of the US national men’s team’s failure to qualify for the FIFA World Cup, Prado has also announced that he intends to cheer for Argentina as it tries to win a third title.

A US Federal Circuit judge appointed by President George W. Bush in 2003, Prado was rumored to have been a Supreme Court Justice replacement for Sandra Day O’Connor after she retired in 2005. Prior to his position on the US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, he was appointed by President Ronald Reagan in 1984 to the US District Court for the Western District of Texas.