Once again, it appears that Uruguay is top dog be when it comes to attracting Argentine tourists.

Comparing figures from 2016, Uruguay has seen a whopping 24.5% rise in the number of Argentine tourists in 2017 so far.

However, Argentineans aren’t the only ones hopping over to our neighbouring country; with 49% more Chileans entering Uruguay in the first ten days of January compared to the same period the previous year. The number of Brazilians also went up by 30% in the same period – much to Uruguay’s delight, given the loss of 20% during the summer of 2016.

That being said, Argentineans are still the ones to take the illustrious beach-hogging tourist crown; making up an impressive 73% of tourists in total so far, with trendy Punta del Este as the most popular of the chosen destinations.

“The middle class in Argentina was seduced by the reasonable prices of all sectors of Maldonado’s economy. It’s family tourism that has drawn people to these prices over those of competitors.” said José Pereyra de Brun, head of the Maldonado Chamber of Commerce.

The Ministry stated that 2016 was indeed a record year, with Uruguay seeing a total of 3,328,450 visitors, 12.3% more than in the previous season. The majority were Argentines: 2,139,598 (25.4% more than in 2015), while the number of Brazilians visitors increased by 0.8%.

However, the way it’s going, it looks like 2017 might just top it.