(Photo via WIkimedia)

If you are one of those fliers who get a little anxious every time your flight between Buenos Aires and New York makes an obligatory pit stop in Texas, we have great news for you.

Starting in October 28, United Airlines will begin flying directly between Buenos Aires and New York, making the Houston layover a thing of the past.

The daily, non-stop service will operate in the evening with a similar schedule to the one currently in place for flights via Texas and will offer the passenger the chance to arrive in New York early in the morning so it doesn’t matter whether it’s business or pleasure, you still get to enjoy a full day in the big apple.

The new route connects the Ezeiza airport in Buenos Aires with Newark, which is the closest international airport to Manhattan and Christoff Poppe, General Manager of United Airlines in Argentina, promises that fares for economy tickets – which are already for sale – are going to be “very competitive and attractive.”

The decision to add this new flight, he explains, is primarily based on the fact that there’s been a pretty balanced, significant increase in business travel between both countries, more specifically in three industries that are New York-focused: financial, pharmaceutical and entertainment.

At the same time, in 2016, Poppe explains that there has been a significant uptick of US travelers coming to Argentina for tourism.

“The public statistics show a 16 percent increase compared to the year before after the removal of the reciprocity fee,” which charged US citizens looking to visit Argentina a fee similar to the one that Argentines had to pay in order to obtain a visa to the US.

And 2017 is on the same level as 2016, he says, so travel seems to keep growing. “For people in the US, Argentina has become an attractive destination with many other wonderful places to see besides Buenos Aires. We’ve launched a significant advertising campaign in New York advertising our international destinations and Argentina is showcased as one those key destinations. We are encouraging the United customer and New York residents to visit Argentina and different areas of the country.”

“This is a really cool, fantastic destination,” he adds as he describes why this country has become a must-visit for many tourists in the US.

“First, it’s the opposite season. So when it’s winter up there you have great summer opportunities here. And the winters here are mild. Buenos Aires offers culture and a great food scene. But then there are other unique locations that very few countries can compete with such as Iguazú, Bariloche and Patagonia. We see lots of customers coming to Argentina to hunt, to ski, to fish and take advantage of all of the outdoors opportunities that Argentina offers.

When it comes to Argentine travelers, New York “remains the second most popular destination in the US – right after Miami – so we expect this route to stimulate opportunity,” he says.

This year also marks the company’s 25th anniversary since its arrival in Argentina and it certainly has reasons to celebrate since it’s opening a new Global Contact Center in the country.

The center, which employs a total of 90 people, serves not only customers in Argentina but also in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, India and Israel and offers customer support in six languages via phone and online.

“The reason why we have chose Argentina is the diversity of languages,” Poppe explains. “In one location we are able to find talented professionals that have the flexibility to work different hours and serve customers in several time zones. This makes this country very attractive for us,” he concludes.