United Airlines announced yesterday that they will be adding a new flight from Buenos Aires to New York City via Newark airport to their timetable, meaning we’ll soon have one more way to take a bite out the Big Apple.

It should come into effect from October 28, assuming it gets the all clear from the Argentine government, and will be available all throughout the year. The inaugural flight will leave Newark at 9:50pm on October 28, and touch down in Buenos Aires at 10:50am the next day, local time. Then, on October 29 the first flight from Buenos Aires will take off at 9pm, getting to Newark at 6.10am the next day.

Collage via BeFunkyCollage
Collage via BeFunkyCollage

As well as being “another convenient way to travel between Argentina and the East Coast”, in the words of United’s Senior Vice-president Andrew Nocella, having another contender in the game should help to drive competition up and bring prices down.

United has been operating in Argentina for the last 25 years, and already runs a Houston to BA service. The addition of this new flight, as well as an additional Newark-Bogotá service during peak months, will make United the American airline offering most direct flights from New York to South America.

Alejandro Diaz, CEO of Amcham, the American Camber of Commerce in Argentina, has said the new service will “offer many opportunities for companies in both countries to promote business and bilateral investment.”