Photo via Clarín

Damian Straschenco, a union member working in one of the Atucha power plants was poisoned with radioactive material that someone deliberately put in a water bottle he had in his office.

This is not the plot of a movie financed by the Communist party to show the evils of the bourgeoisie and promote the revolution. Nor is a story coming from Russia, in fact the union member is an outspoken critic of President Vladimir Putin. It is a real event that took place in Argentina on May 9, made public by Ambito Financiero Outlet today that someone used a tactic that seems like something out of a spy novel to try to get rid of Straschenco.

Straschenco realized that there was something wrong with him after the company’s alarm sounded when he was leaving the premises. The system detected that his body contained between six and nine times the amount of radiation that a human being can tolerate in a year, something that couldn’t have even happen by accident as Straschenco didn’t have the security clearance to enter the “radiation controlled room.” An internal investigation confirmed the initial hypothesis: someone had intentionally put “heavy water” in a water bottle he had in his office.

Straschenco confirmed that he is out of danger, but will have to get tested regularly to make sure secondary effects haven’t occurred. “I’m fine, I underwent a medical treatment to eliminate the radiation that I ingested. I’m being checked periodically to see how this thing evolves,” said Straschenco, who pressed charges in a local court for attempted murder. With this, he intends to get the court to agree with the theory that someone tried to poison him intentionally and begin a formal investigation to find out who was behind it.

The member of the Luz y Fuerza union went on to say that “this is a serious breach” of international security standards, and that it should be reported. “All the procedures to take out radioactive material from a safe zone were violated in order to make damage. I don’t know who wants to hurt me, I intend to have the federal judge give me that answer. This has never occurred in forty years. At a personal level, it’s something very unfortunate to know that there are people or someone who wants to hurt me,” he finished.

The news come right after the Argentine government confirmed the construction of two new power plants, one of them in the same area where these events took place.