Map of transit cuts today in el Centro. (GCBA)

Beginning at 10:00 am today, things will get complicated for people trying to move around downtown. Various transit unions have independently announced marches and rallies that will interrupt people’s commutes throughout the day. The Secretary of Transport for Buenos Aires plans to carry out a “containment” operation, deploying 80 transit agents to delineate detours for traffic. Information about the detours will also be provided in real time through 35 posters placed at strategic sites along major avenues. But to give you a head start on what areas to avoid, here’s the lineup:

10:00 am

Cicop, AJB, and Suteba will cut off traffic between Rivadavia and Callao. They are expected to move toward Callao between Sarmiento and Perón.

ATE will assemble at General Paz and Constituyentes, from where they will march toward General Paz and Nazca.

Autonomous CTA will cut off traffic between Independencia and Piedras, marching toward Belgrano and 9 de Julio.

11:00 am

ATE, Autonomous CTA, SiPreBA and FATPREN will cut off traffic between Belgrano and 9 de Julio, marching toward Rivadavia and Callao.

12:00 pm

ATE Malbrán protesters will cut off Avenida Paseo Colón between Venezuela and Mexico.

5:00 pm

A group of motorcyclists, under the slogan “las personas no se patentan,” will occupy the intersection of Corrientes and 9 de Julio.

Look out for transit agents and posters to help you navigate in real time. Suerte!