Following the huge success of last Friday’s launch with HUSH label head DVS1, fellow heavyweights Kevin Saunderson, Dave Clarke and Ben Sims will all appear at no-frills Palermo club BLOW over the coming weekends.

Here’s who and what you can expect

Kevin Saunderson:

Known as ‘the Elevator’, this guy has been at the heart of the dance music scene from the very beginning. Alongside fellow pioneers Derrick May (‘the Innovator’) and Juan Atkins (‘the Godfather’), Saunderson is credited with creating and bringing techno from Detroit to a wider audience in the late 80’s and early 90’s. His high impact, high energy sets not only give sense to his nickname, but also reflect his love for house music, a scene he was a huge part of after travelling from Detroit to Chicago, leading him to form Inner City, the group most well-known for 90’s pop groovers ‘Good Life‘ and ‘Big Fun‘.

His label, KMS Records, turns an astonishing 30 years-old this year, and has given life to artists such as Chez Damier, Derrick Carter and Bicep among others.

A master across both genres, Saunderson’s influence can’t be underestimated – without him, it’s unlikely that nights such as Under Club would exist in the way they do today.

Date: February 18th
Tickets: AR $450

Kevin Saunderson will play Under Clubs’s 4th Anniversary special, 03:00-07:00

Dave Clarke

An inherent anarchist, UK-born Clarke’s no-nonsense attitude rings true in his approach to DJing and production. With a career spanning two decades, Clarke’s first record was signed by the legendary XL Recordings back in 1990 and he is yet to look back. An avid forward-thinker, Clarke pushes the boundaries of what he has available in order to create a whirlwind of driving techno, no holds barred. Regularly featured in Top 100 lists, Clarke is a true veteran of the scene that is always looking to keep things fresh whilst staying true to his individual style.

Date: February 26th
Tickets: AR $300 online/AR $250 on the door until 01:30, AR $400 after 

Clarke will play two shows, 26/02 and 27/02, 03:00-07:00

Ben Sims

With over 20 years experience and 50 releases, British DJ, label boss and producer Ben Sims has gone from playing underground parties in Essex and East London to become one of the most revered and technically adept DJs on the scene. With a blend of hard grooves and melodies, Sims’ sets will stick in the memory long after they’ve ended. A legend that is always evolving.

Date: March 11th
Tickets: Prices TBC

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Under Club @ BLOW: Av. Colonel Niceto Vega 5685