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Down with your mortar boards and gowns: it’s time to pick up your swords and capes, university professors.

I know that academic dress has always looked a little bit like something out of a fantasy film, and I know that when graduation day comes, very few students forgo the temptation to whistle the Harry Potter theme-tune on repeat as they don their Hogwarts-esque gowns.

Always be yourself... unless you can be batman, then always be batman. Photo via
Always be yourself… unless you can be batman, then always be batman. Photo via

But the University of Buenos Aires has gone one step further.

Law School professors have recently taken to dressing up as characters from TV series such as Game of Thrones, House of Cards and Batman in a new and innovative teaching move.

Take the conference, “Law in the Game of Thrones,” for example. The teacher, dressed up in the style of the Stark family, casually debated the history of law from the point of view of his chosen character. One week later, Batman and Superman took charge as the conference “Superheroes and Law” saw the attendance of some 250 people.

“This is a return to pedagogy, a way of using material that pupils can relate to,”

said Ricardo Rabinovich-Berkman, director of Social Sciences at UBA’s Law College.

“These pieces of fiction create a new world,” he went on, “and although they are not perfect historical reconstructions, they are useful for learning about legal issues, as it makes it more appealing.”

And this highly original idea does seem to be taking off and it has been reported that the session titled “Superheroes from a Sociojudicial point of view” was received extremely favorably.

So put down your pens and pick up your disguise, but be careful when you play a game of thrones, you either win or die.

Photo via Perfil.
Photo via Perfil.