Roberto Fernández Montes. Photo via Clarín.

What’s the topic everyone seems to be talking about around the watercooler today? If you’re in Argentina, it’s probably the death of Roberto Fernandez. The charred remains of the 64-year-old Spanish businessman were found two days ago in Cañuelas, in Southern Buenos Aires Province.

The case has sent shock waves through the City thanks to a video showing two men are dragging what seems to be a body wrapped in a white sheet through the parking garage, and putting it inside a trunk of a car. The two men were identified as Santiago Corona, 34, Montes’ son-in-law, and César Ricardo Arce López, a technician that had previously worked for the businessman.

USD 20,000 was found in Corona’s car’s spare tire, divided into two bundles of USD 10,000. The money, kept inside plastic bags, is believed to have been hidden inside Montes’ Jacuzzi pump in his apartment in Caballito.

Both suspects remain in custody. Corona has refused to testify as of the publishing of this story.