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After extremely heavy rains falling over the course of the past week, the largest landslide since 1978 has ravaged the Argentinean province of Jujuy; leaving in its wake dead animals, stranded cars, homes completely destroyed and huge quantities of rocks and mud covering the roads.

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The landslide also claimed two victims as a couple were trapped within their car in the town of Volcán, where 10% of the population has been moved to a school for safety. Among the other places worst hit were Bárcena, Humahuaca and Tumbaya Grande; with the number of evacuated locals totalling up to more than 1,000.

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In the town of San Pedro, the local government is providing aid and assistance to the families of the neighborhoods Patricios, Perón and La Tupac which were more affected by the intense rainfall.

In the meantime, services are working to clear the roads of the enormous amounts of rocks that are currently inhibiting transport in and out of the towns.