Argentine Laura Miller (left) and US Laura Miller (right)

They say all publicity is good publicity. Perhaps not when you’re confused with a one-time d-lister who happens to be the wife of an alleged fraudster.

Every scandal leaves behind it a trail of hot-headed, accusatory tweets. So when Argentine singer Laura Miller’s husband was arrested for alleged fraud, the tweeters were ready, abuse in hand, to take to their keyboards in disgust. Except they directed it at the wrong person

As such, an unsuspecting victim of the same name, US writer Laura Miller, had to fend off the cyberbullies, tweeting: “Dear Argentines: Please stop tweeting “chorra” [meaning thief] at me. You have me mixed up with somebody else.”

In her defense, the Argentine Laura Miller isn’t the one to point the finger at either. She said: “Firstly, I’m not being accused of anything. It also hasn’t been proven that Nico is involved in all of this. They’re just investigating.”

Millers husband, Nicolás Traut, was arrested in the couple’s Puerto Madero home, accused of fraud via abuse of public administration, and of leading a band of hackers which stole AR$ 3,600,000 from the bank accounts of one of the Buenos Aires municipalities, 25 de Mayo. The public funds were then transferred remotely to 12 different bank accounts.

Traút claims that he had “nothing to do” with the crimes, which took place on Sunday November 20.

Miller thanked her Twitter followers for their support, stressing that she was not involved, and trusts in the justice system. She said she hoped the affair would pass soon, and vowed to tell her fans more, when she felt better and had recovered from the huge shock.

The drama continued between the two homonymous women, as Writer-Laura showed off to her Twitter followers that she had been blocked by Singer-Laura.

We wonder what sort of Earth-shattering brawl would occur if one of them tried to change their Twitter name to The Real Laura Miller. In fact, in a plot twist that no one saw coming, a third Laura Miller – “Author of RAW VEGAN NOT GROSS and maker of videos about food and mental health and feelings” – boasts the twitter username imLauraMiller.

So, taking it upon ourselves to set records straight and deliver clarity to the public, here is a definitive guide to telling the two Lauras apart:

One is a US writer, most likely to be found writing about books and culture for, a witty current affairs and culture site. Slate columnist gets accidentally slated, oh the beautiful irony…

The other is, to borrow from the blunt words of the Twittersphere, an ‘almost famous’ Argentine singer and actress who had a “one hit wonder” with a “mediocre cover song” in the 90’s. To give a less brutal introduction, she came into the spotlight as a child on kids talent show Festilindo, has enjoyed several television appearances and has spoken out in recent years of her experience as a victim of domestic violence. So give her a break, man. I bet you weren’t cool in the 90’s either.