Hates Fernet and Borges and love. via Indian Express.

Donald Trump has gone on the record. If he is not elected, the United States of America will be facing a fate of — not Middle Earth, Alderaan or single women past 30 — but of Argentina!

Make the lambs stop screaming.

The One With The Walrus Jaw went on CNBC Now to warn us all that if he is not elected, doom will befall us because of the possibility of vacant Supreme Court seats. (That is to say, he predicted that four to five of them would die in the next four years. Delightful.) Oh Cassandra, why will no one listen! He grumbled:

“And I will tell you that if I don’t win you will have more of the people that have been put on [the Court] over the last number of years and we will have a Supreme Court that will change this country to a level like you’ve never seen. You’ll have Bernie Sanders types put on the Supreme Court and this country will be a totally different country. This country will be [pause] uh… Argentina.  This country will be something that is so different.  This country will be Venezuela.”

What a firm and insightful grasp on both international politics and the global macro economic situation from a real estate expert. Take a bow! But honestly, the US, more like Argentina? Huh, I’m into that campaign, let’s form a super PAC. The Fernet Front: change we can believe in.

At this point, with Trump as the Republican nominee, the election will have a deep impact on US foreign relations, including Argentina. I think it’s safe to say that even if you don’t care for the basic rights of mankind, you are not with someone who #needsanewtanning salon. Because as far the presidency is concerned, orange is not the new black. Neither is tyranny, but you know, tomato tomahto.