Photo via Clarin

Even though US President Donald Trump continues to antagonize over half of the leaders of the free world — nice work in Europe last week big guy — Argentine President Mauricio Macri seems to have managed to play the international field right and milk the fact that he was one of the few heads of state with Trump didn’t clash with after a meeting.

Infobae reported that the Secretary General of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Angel Gurría, invited Macri to the organization’s next Ministerial Council, set to be held in Paris next week, and highlighted that Trump had “strongly supported” Argentina’s bid to become a part of the organization. Treasury Minister Nicolás Dujovne already confirmed his attendance at the summit.

Macri has made getting into the OECD a priority, as doing so would significantly improve the country’s chances of securing loans and investment. However, even with the United States’ support, this probably won’t happen in the near future, if at all. The Macri administration has to meet a hefty set of requirements the organization demands from its members before considering a membership request, and that’s without taking into account that the entry process can take up to two years.

The government has already started working towards it: Dujovne presented the organization a report showing the reforms that Argentina has already implemented to reach that goal, and the ones the administration is planning on moving forward with in the future.