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Make sure you don’t do anything overly weird that requires immediate disposal: trash collectors have joined truck drivers in their strike for better wages (specifically a 42 percent increase) and lower income tax, so that means no trash collection tonight.

That also means trash probably won’t be collected all weekend since minimal maintenance happens Saturday and Sunday in the Greater Buenos Aires Area.

Truck drivers’ union leader Pablo Moyano announced that starting last night at 9 PM, there was a “reduction in trash collecting activity” and warned that “in two or three days, the City is going to be messy.”

That’s reassuring.

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Speaking on Radio Nacional, Moyano demanded that President Mauricio Macri “start giving answers not only about the salary question, but also about income tax” and guaranteed that if this does not happen, “all branches of the truck drivers’ union” will go on strike as well.

“In 10 minutes he gives answers to farmers and miners. And what does he give the workers? Huge price increases in fuel and transport, and on top of that he takes away chunks of wages through income taxes. I believe there needs to be a reaction from the workers, and that is what is happening,” Moyano continued.

Yesterday, the truck drivers’ union announced that it was going on strike to protest against the income tax (95 percent of union members have between “AR $5,000 and 17,000” taken from their salaries, according to Moyano) and to demand a wage increase of 42 percent. Moyano warned that the protest could lead to a gas shortage over the weekend, because “distribution will be minimal.” His prediction was correct: there are indeed gas shortages as you’ll find out if you roll up to certain fuel-less gas stations.