Photo via Twitter.

Colectivo and train fares cost double as of today, and social media has taken note. To keep yourself from crying, check out the following memes alleviating the situation. (Or go ahead and do cry: no one’s stopping you. We’ll be weeping right alongside you. Not physically next to you, don’t worry. That would be strange.)

“I’m a man of extravagant taste.”

“Come back, I can’t breathe without you.”

“*Hands over Sube* *Gets charged AR $6*”

“I rode two buses and still have money on my Sube.”

“Here we see people preparing their travel budget for the month to charge their Sube.” [For the more politically minded, this is a reference to a video called “La Rosadita” which implicates a few high-profile businessmen and politicians in an enormous money laundering case.]

“You don’t have money on your Sube so you’re just like…”

“I’m coming… just gotta pay for gas, and light…”

“Starting today, this is what getting in line for the bus, charging your Sube, going to the kiosko or buying a notebook looks like at the University of la Matanza.”