Juan José Méndez.
Juan José Mendez.


The concept that defines and encompasses all of our objectives. We are working to turn our beautiful Buenos Aires into a city in which we can all live together in harmony, a place for enjoyment and inspiration, we are able to challenge and fascinate us. It is possible. These are not idle words or impossible dreams. Every time we enter our offices or we walk our streets and have a chat with our neighbors, we, the people now in charge of managing the city, feel moved by a common obsession: working to improve people’s lives.

In the last few years, the citizens of Buenos Aires saw a significant increase in the options available to travel around the city. Exclusive lanes, the Metrobus (Bus Rapid Transit system), the new EcoBici system, the bike lanes, the pedestrian priority downtown area, and the extension of the Subte underground network, are but a few of the innovations that made life easier for millions of our citizens. Buenos Aires is now a more modern, friendlier city, one which makes its residents’ everyday life easier.

Soon, we will be able to enjoy a new milestone in this transformation: the Centro de Trasbordo Pacífico (Pacífico Commuting Center), with facilities spanning 1,000 meters along Santa Fe Avenue.

It will include 12 new, safer and more comfortable bus stops. This system will comprise 22 bus lines, which will serve about 120,000 people every day and will enhance connectivity within the northern area. Pacífico is a key connection axis between the city’s downtown and the suburban areas of the Buenos Aires province.

We have done a lot, but there is still much to be done. There are great projects ahead of us, which entail great challenges. For that reason, we need the help of each and every one of you.

You can count on me, just as I count on you.