UPDATE: Buses are now back in service. Service returned to normal just after 7am.

During the first part of Monday, December 19th, all major forms of public transport including buses, the subway and trains along with most major airlines will be out of service due to a widescale strike.

Unions and workers groups associated with the transportation sector are set to meet during the early hours of Monday to discuss “the impact of the [proposed] Income Tax bill”.

What to expect


The Subte is scheduled to out of service on all lines starting from 5am onwards, though authorities are scheduled to meet at 7am to define the timeline for the rest of the day’s strike.


All bus service within Buenos Aires is scheduled by cut from 5am to 7am. This is subject to change and could be extended.


Commuter trains from the province with be offline from 4am to 12 noon.

Air travel

Some unions and workers groups connected to the airports and airlines are scheduled to strike starting at 4am though an endpoint has not been defined. Aerolíneas Argentinas and Austral have already delayed or canceled flights until noon.

Taxis are scheduled to be in service as they normally would though an increase in demand will make finding one a challenge.