Photo via Infobae.

With only four and a half weeks to go until the historic first presidential debate EVER on October 4, doubts remain about whether Buenos Aires Governor and Victory Front (FpV) candidate Daniel Scioli will show up, as more details emerge about the topics and format of the debate.

Five of the six candidates have confirmed their attendance, with only Scioli letting the side down.

Definitely coming to the party are:

  • Buenos Aires City Mayor and Cambiemos candidate Mauricio Macri
  • National Deputy and A New Alternative (UNA) candidate Sergio Massa
  • National Deputy and Progressives candidate Margarita Stolbizer
  • National Deputy and Workers’ Leftist Front (FIT) candidate Nicolás Del Caño
  • San Luis Senator and Federal Commitment candidate Adolfo Rodríguez Saá

Regardless of whether some of the six candidates decide not to show, the show will go on.  

The four topics to be discussed are economic development, education & childhood, security & human rights and democratic strengthening.

The debate will be split into five sections; the final of which will see candidates discuss a topic related to an image which they won’t have previously seen.  

Yesterday, the moderators of the debate met for the first time to discuss the format and topics of the debate.  They are from a variety of different media representing different political viewpoints to try and keep the debate fair.

According to Ipsos, a global market research company, 78% of Argentines thought it was either very or quite important that a presidential debate take place this year. 71% said that they would watch it on TV.

So remember to tune in Sunday October 4 at 9 pm.