If you’re looking for the best juice bars from Palermo Soho to Palermo Norte, then is the perfect list for you. With so many juices bars popping up in every corner, it was hard to narrow down the list, but here are some of the best places to go when strolling around Palermo.

Mango Bambo

  1. Mango Bambo
    • Arenales 3839, C1425 Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • A juice hub made to have their products optimize the body’s function in different styles by protecting, caring, powering, energizing, nourishing, purifying and more. You can order their cold pressed detox juices that have Hawaiian names, smoothies, and even acai bowls that promote the #momentobrasil. But, if you’re feeling craving something sweet, then order their dulce de leche or Nutella waffles and you won’t be disappointed.


  • Av. Infanta Isabel 110, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • JU defines what the term hipster really means. They have beautiful brick walls, a darker ambiance, chalkboard style drawings and prime seating location right outside for those soon to be spring days. This hipster hangout spot is not only styled effortlessly, but they also have a menu that caters to everyone with delicious foods and drinks that are raw and whole foods.

TOMO3. TomoJuiceBar

  • JL Borges 1842, 1414 Buenos Aires
  • This up and coming juice bar is one to watch out for. Tomo Juice Bar is located in the hippest part of Palermo, better known as Soho and is making people take a second look at what they have to offer. This very trendy and modern juice bar, beside the classis juice options, has veggie burger, rolls and wraps, salad and acai Bowls, life granola and chia pudding.

Petit Green4. Petit Green

  • Jerónimo Salguero 3069, 1425 Buenos Aires
  • This quaint and rustic chic juice house provide rich, raw and the freshest foods and juice they can get their hands on. But, one thing that makes this place one of a kind is how their food menu has different influences from all over the world; if you’re yearning to visit Barcelona, then order their Barcelonés bagel; or their Hindú wrap when you’re craving some curry.

Punto Vegetal5. Punto Vegetal

  • José Antonio Cabrera 4864, 1414BGN Palermo, Buenos Aires
  • If you were to look up the farm-to-table meaning, Punto Vegetals’ logo would be right there. They have walls stacked with all kinds of different fruits and vegetables you can choose, along with healthy and natural products, baked goods, and juice, of course. And although it may appear small on the outside, don’t be fooled—this is your new one stop shop for everything you need when you’re wanting to live a more healthy and balanced life.