Tierra del Fuego needs doctors. At least 30 physicians to be precise, and in turn, will offer up to AR $75,000 a month to qualified practitioners to make the move and set up shop in the remote province.

This national call for doctors is a cry to increase staff numbers. Marcos Colman, Minister of Heath states, “at least 30 doctors are needed through the province.” These doctors range from clinicians, pediatricians, gynecologists, surgeons, and ophthalmologists, and others.

This work situation is interesting in Tierra del Fuego. Colman highlights the labor-related benefits of this offer — there is the stability of the permanent position, retirement can be attained at 55 years, and the salary is anywhere between AR $60,000 and $75,000 [a month], due to the number of active professionals.

There are three different ways to respond to this national call and apply. You can register directly through the official site, through the portal of the Ministry of Health’s website, or via an email sent to saludprensatdf@gmail.com.

Before getting too excited, applicants must not have charges in any public or private administration, have a medical degree verified by the Ministry of Health of the Nation, and along with having their specialization recognized, according to Colman.

If accepted, professionals will have the opportunity to work and perform tasks at Rio Grande Regional Hospital and at Ushuaia Regional Hospital.