The next governor of the chilly Tierra del Fuego Province will be Kirchernite Senator Rosana Bertone, who defeated opposition coalition candidate Federico Sciurano last night.

She received almost 50 percent of the vote compared to Sciurano’s 46.3 percent. Sciurano made his concession speech around 10 pm on Sunday, saying that, “It is important to recognize the victory of Senator Bertone.” Sounds like this election really drained him/has him running for the hills, as he added that once he is done serving as mayor of Ushuaia, he will retire from politics for “a very long time.”

Bertone made her victory speech minutes later and devoted much of it to her Front for Victory (FpV) party colleagues. She was accompanied by Cabinet Chief Aníbal Fernández as well as the brother of FpV presidential candidate Daniel Scioli. She expressed her “eternal gratitude to the national government” and gave a rousing endorsement of her close friend Scioli, calling herself an activist for his race, or, as she said, “militant number one.” Damn.

In classic silver-tongued gab, she stated that her government will be “a government for the people.” Her election means that Tierra del Fuego will be run by a FpV governor and have a FpV legislative majority, a first for Argentina’s youngest province, which only gained the status 25 years ago.