Mother nature was showing her might over the weekend, blasting Argentina with countless storms. Coastal areas like Pinamar and Mar De Plata were among the hardest hit by the weather. One death was reported in La Plata of a 27 year old man who was killed when a large tree was brought down by the wind.

The Pinamar beaches saw the fury of the weather, with winds ripping apart beach tents, and sent tables and chairs flying. Luckily the storm didn’t see any injuries in the area despite gusts reaching over 100 km an hour. “We had been prepared 72 hours before and made sure people prepared” said Oscar Villegas, from the Civil Defense.


Mar De Plata was another area struck particularly badly with twenty neighborhoods left without light or water and over 100 trees uprooted. The destruction in Mar De Plata forced 40 people to be evacuated from the area, 29 of which were senior citizens.

The seaborne out there were also hard hit by storm as seen by one Twitter user’s video. 

Weathering the storm