A football game in Argentina is not a football game unless someone is getting maimed or killed. In fact going to a game and getting back home unharmed is kind of an accomplishment in itself.

Last night three River Plate fans were stabbed by an unknown assailant (or assailants) while they were looking after some buses parked outside the stadium where the match between River Plate and Argentinos Juniors was taking place. The buses had been used to take River Plate fans to and from the Diego Maradona Stadium.

The police are still unsure about whether this was an attack related to the ongoing dispute between River Plate hooligans (likely) or an isolated incident (unlikely). The three men were immediately taken to the Hospital Álvarez, where they were treated for several stab wounds. Authorities confirmed that one of them was in serious condition.

The incident has deepened the ongoing debate over the start time of these highly popular matches, which the National Government moved to a later hour in an attempt to hurt the ratings of Periodismo Para Todos, Jorge Lanata’s highly popular, anti-Kirchnerite show.

(Story via Ambito.com, photo via Wikipedia)