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We are exactly a month away from the midterm primary elections and that means that the candidates are now authorized to officially begin their campaigns (not that they really held back up until now): to the already numerous speeches and contacts with the press, now they will add advertising in the media, with a budget the state distributes proportionally in accordance with the electoral law. Get ready to see and hear a lot of them from here on out until October.

The most important parties are not planning on wasting a single second: the three main opposition candidates in the Buenos Aires Province, former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, National Deputy Sergio Massa and former Interior and Transportation Minister during the Cristina Kirchner administration Florencio Randazzo, will hold their first events today, while the Cambiemos representatives will hold a so-called “door-belling” (timbreo) — we’ll go back to its meaning later, if you never heard of it — tomorrow. The María Eugenia Vidal administration Cabinet Chief Federico Salvai explained they are not doing it today because “it’s a working day” and they “have to run” the province.

Let’s take a look at what each one of them will be doing.

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

The former President will make her first official appearance as a candidate for Senator for her newly-formed electoral front, Citizens’ United Front (Frente Unidad Ciudana), at 4 PM at the Radio City theater in the coastal city of Mar del Plata

Joined by the second candidate in her ticket Jorge Taiana, Kirchner will deliver a speech that is set to be extremely critical of the policies implemented by the Mauricio Macri administration. Sitting on the stage behind her will be candidates for deputies and council members of the province’s 135 districts.


The rally will be broadcast live for the entire country via the former president and electoral front’s respective youtube channels, and the party will also set a giant screen in the city’s San Martín Plaza so her supporters can follow her words even more closely.

Same as with the rally where she launched her new electoral front, Fernández will call people who claim to have been affected by the government’s policies on stage so they can tell their stories of being let down by the current administration firsthand.

Sergio Massa

As for the national deputy and leader of the 1Pais (one country) alliance, Massa will hold his own rally at 7 PM in the district of Tigre, which he was mayor of between 2009 and 2013 and has been his stronghold ever since. Along with his main ally, also National Deputy Margarita Stolbizer, Massa will focus on his plan to lower the prices of basic goods and will criticize the Macri and Cristina Kirchner administrations equally.

His goal is to place himself and Stolbizer as the alternative that people need, depicting the current administration as one that only governs for the elites, and the former as a corrupt one that, bearing a populist message, dedicated itself to looting the State’s coffers.


Florencio Randazzo

The former Interior and Transportation Minister during the two Cristina Kirchner administrations, Florencio Randazzo will do his thing, also at 7 PM, in the city of Bolívar, in the interior of the province. The location choice answers to the fact that his party’s first candidate for deputy in the province, Eduardo “Bali” Bucca, is the city mayor.


On its end, the Macri administration’s candidates, representing the Cambiemos coalition, will head a so-called “door-belling” in the province tomorrow. In case you haven’t heard of it before, it means that the candidates will randomly —  or at least that’s what they claim —  ring the doorbell of citizens in the territory and listen to the needs and complaints of those who want to open their doors to them.

Each of of the candidates will do their own door-belling in a place with which they have ties. For example, Governor Vidal will do it in the district of Morón, where she was born. Even though she is not a candidate, Vidal will be one of the campaign’s most visible faces, as Cambiemos will rely on the fact that she is the politician with the best positive image in the country to try to get people vote for association for the party’s lesser-known candidates that will run in October: now former national Education Minister Esteban Bullrich and head of Acumar, the entity in charge of tackling the pollution in the Riachuelo River, Gladys González.

Photo via La Gaceta
Photo via La Gaceta

Bullrich, on his end, will go to the city of Junín, where he lived, and where his wife’s family currently lives. Gladys González will be ringing doorbells in her native city of Bolívar. First candidate for deputy Graciela Ocaña will visit San Justo, where she was born, while the second candidate Héctor “Toty” Flores will be in Laferrere. The third candidate, former Ambassador to Uruguay Guillermo Montenegro will be in Mar del Plata.