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Buenos Aires’ food scene is constantly renewing itself. Right when we were starting to think the local food scene had stagnated on burgers, three new players in town have come to prove us wrong. These are the three new eateries you need to try before the hordes of hipsters people start lining up to snapchat what’s on their plate before they’ve even tried it.

Kombinaciones: Latino Flavor Take on Palermo

Gorriti 5578, Palermo Hollywood


When it comes to Gourmet Fast Food, we’ve had enough of the same. And the guys behind Kombinaciones, Alejandro and Gabriel, got the message. After working for several years behind the stoves of Buenos Aires Ramen institution Fukuro, they realized it was possible to gradually (and with a lot of work) introduce more “exotic” cuisine into the local panorama.

When it came to shaping their own business, this Venezuelan and Honduran duo decided to go back to their roots and introduce recipes from both their countries, to give an injection of Latino cooking into the Palermo’s beer and burger landscape. 

Arepas are the star of the menu, but Honduran baleadas – traditional thick flour tortilla filled with fried beans, cream and cheese – are slowly making their way in too. The menu is written on a chalkboard and is not set in stone, giving both cooks the chance to experiment and vary what they offer. 

Hot dogs are also included in the mix, but let us tell you they’re not remotely close to the regular “pancho”. The bread for starters has an asian inspiration and it’s closer to the one you’ll usually have on a Bao. All of the sauces are homemade and go way beyond simple ketchup,

Gluten Free and Vegetarian options here go way beyond the stale chewy ”bread” that is often offer as an alternative for celiacos or the basic vegetables parrillada. Arepas are made out of corn, while the veggie options are endless: refried beans, avocado, cheese, eggs, pickled veggies etc. Kombinaciones is also opening a new window for all the spicy lovers, as they’re building up a collection of imported spicy sauces, along with a few (really creative) homemade ones.

An internal Food Truck, a nice little terrace to enjoy the sunny days of spring, a pet friendly dining area inside… oh and craft beer are just some extra perks that will certainly turn this place into a Palermo favorite sooner than later.

430: Ramen and Asian Street Food in Microcentro

San Martin 430, Microcentro


Ever wondered what comfort food looks like in Japan? It’s hard to find anything more comforting or soul-soothing than a good bowl of ramen. So, why on earth are we still eating empanadas at lunch?

That is exactly what owners of 430 thought and opened up in late July is making ramen their central dish. Currently, three varieties of the soup are being offered: beef, pork and veggie.

430’s ramen isn’t exactly a traditional take on the Japanese version, rather is a combination of cultures and ingredients that give the recipe an original twist. Egg noodles, peanuts and sesame are among those additional tweaks. The result, might not fit into the rigid definition of  authentic, but it is undoubtedly delicious. The price for a bowl is currently set at AR $135, but they’re sized to feed two eaters.

And of course Ramen isn’t all there is, 430 also serves bao sandwiches, and they are an excellent alternative to your daily milanesa. The fried chicken bao is a particular standout. Crispy chicken combines perfectly with the tender traditional bao bread, while the sriracha mayo adds the perfect touch of spice without turning the whole sandwich soggy.  Beef, pork and regular chicken are also available. Last but not least are the house’s gyozas, fried and filled with pulled pork they’re only missing a little spicy punch and the fish meatballs yakitoris.

430 recently inaugurated an evening service, proving life can in fact exist in microcentro after 6 PM. Plus, a sizable, modern but cozy bar is being worked on in the basement. This could make 430 the ideal after work stop for those looking for a  pint of craft beer, a fresh cocktail or sake to take the edge off. Let’s see if their lunch time success carries over onto the evening. Our guess is that it almost certainly will. 

xChorix: Choripan Reinvented

Thames 1653, Palermo Soho

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Let’s just admit it already: you have to love a good choripan. The team behind modern parrilla La Carniceria clearly gets this. That is why they’ve decided to honor the all mighty chori by setting up a new place and menu that is entirely devoted to it.

xChorix is out to reinvent chori. Give it a twist by exploiting all of its potential but still preserve its essence. The choris are made following the classic recipes, but what adds an original twist is what is served alongside the sausage. The genius at play here cannot be overstated. 

Six homemade types of chori (and one morcilla) are offered on the menu: smoked, lamb, spicy and the straightforward clasico tops our listThe ahumado, which has a subtle but impactful smokiness and is served along with some tender mushrooms, an orange reduction and a powerful garlic mayo. Plus, the bread is simply decadent: a French brioche topped with parmesan cheese gives this chori the right amount of tenderness. Don’t say we didn’t warn you: get ready to get your hands dirty. The lamb one is also a great choice for those who don’t get easily intimidated by the intensity of this type of meat.

The decoration of the place also plays with this idea of a modern take on the traditional. The walls are covered with murals, but the images and messages that appear are all somehow related to Argentine street culture. The glass and silver counter displays choris hanging like they would in an old school butcher shop. A couple of folding counters are set on the outside, facing a typical Palermo Soho colorful alley, providing the perfect setting for the warmer days that are ahead of us. In the near future a little window might be opened by the counter where you’ll be able to buy your chori “al paso” (to take away).

Three options of sides, unlike what your regular Burger place is serving (disappointing fries), are available, starting with a salad to keep your conscience clean, a potato salad with a pineapple twist, and yuca fries. The drinks are not what you will find at the typical chori stand either. Star bartender Tato Giovannoni (creator of Floreria Atlantico) is one of the place’s co-founders. Therefore, it is only natural that you can enjoy a chori with a nice mate infused Gin & Tonic. Craft beer and wine by the glass are also available.