You don’t really need to be rich and famous to buy an Apple product, but it’s no where near cheap for most, specially in Argentina, where import taxes make their prices skyrocket. Some say it’s the best, some say it’s the worst, and most say it’s just too expensive. But all differences aside, there will be three new stores selling apple products in Argentina quite soon.

However, they are not technically Apple Stores.  they will be the Apple Premium Re-seller (APR), which are the kind of stores we already have in the country: MacStation on Ayacucho 1184, Maxim Store on Av Córdoba 456, and iPoint on Av. Santa Fe 3175, all of them in Buenos Aires City.

An Apple representative told Infobae that , “OneClick is an Apple Premium Reseller, an official representative of Apple in the Argentine market. It is not an official Apple store itself, but it’s an authorized dealer.”

Adding to the list, there will be three new OneClick stores, which posses the same aesthetic, look and feel of an Apple store. Yesterday, OneClick welcomed two new stores at Alto Rosario Shopping in, you guessed it, the city of Rosario, in the Province of Santa fe, and in Shopping DOT, in Buenos Aires City. The last one is also be in the nation’s capital and was inaugurated today in the neighborhood of Palermo Soho. But it doesn’t end there, because Apple plans on opening 40 more locations within the next three years.

So now you have more places where you can watch the products’ prices, freak out, crunch the numbers and go to Miami, get the same product there, spend a few days at the beach and return for the same amount of money you would have to pay for it here.