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Cellphones, clothing, bikes, Playstation consoles, DVD players, toys and even a car will be put on auction on Wednesday, June 14th. The auction, run by the Banco Ciudad, will take place at Río Cuarto, Córdoba.

The best part? There are over 90 Apple products, a couple Rolex watches, motorbikes, several laptops and a few gold ingots. And the auction for all of them starts at way below their market prices. For example, 82 iPhones are being auctioned at 25 percent the local price with the starting price for an iPhone 4S is only AR $800.80, while an iPhone 5 with all its accessories starts at AR $1,647. iPads are also on the lot, starting at as low as AR $1,386.

These prices sound insanely cheap after the iPhone made its official return to the local market only two months ago, turning Argentina in the most expensive country to get your hands on one.

Among the auctioned items there’s also a 2002 Audi TT available for AR $75,743 — but with a mandatory debt of AR $21,000 that needs to be paid off before registering the plates. Still cheaper than practically any other car in the country, though.

And for those wishing to be just like Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, with that beautiful golden Rolex on her wrist, this is your chance. A used model is available for a little over AR $64,000, almost half the retail price (around AR $100,000).

The full catalog is available here.

But don’t worry, you don’t have all the way to Río Cuarto to participate, you can do it without physically being there. Those who are interested must send a closed envelope stating the maximum amount they’re willing to pay for the desired lot to Esmeralda 660, in the neighborhood of Microcentro. The system is called “bajo sobre” and receives envelopes up to one day prior to the auction.