Two members of the group getting arrested yesterday

As we reported yesterday, airport security staff at Ezeiza airport were arrested for stealing from Aerolíneas passengers’ suitcases. The group was comprised of 14 members- three women and 11 men. The staff were employed by a private security firm and were part of a criminal organization which would sell the stolen goods on.

In CCTV footage, we can see the moment the staff were arrested, checking their last bags before security arrive forcing them to lie on the floor before handcuffing them. A further video shows them being escorted out of the airport in handcuffs.

The moment the airport staff got arrested: skip to 1:01 of the video. The arrest came after a thorough investigation and 14 raids. The personal belongings of the employees were searched and a variety of goods were found including mobile phones, guns, money, and jewelry. The 14 members remain in custody and the case will be presided over by Federal Judge of the Lomas de Zamora district, Federico Hernán Villena.