Abril Lorenzatti
Abril Lorenzatti, current holder of the Guinness World Record for longest hair on a teen. (Photo via Abril Lorenzatti Facebook)

The real-life Rapunzel Abril Lorenzatti lives in Villa Carlos Paz, Cordoba, and after persistently growing her hair for more than 11 years, she now holds the record for the longest hair on a teen, with tresses so long as 1.52 meters (4 ft 11.84 in).

Everyone has been through this: step one, you ask the hairdresser to make you look like a Hollywood star. Step two, you show him/her pictures on your phone with a few cool examples. Step three, you end up looking like a porcupine. One of the few solutions left is wearing a hat and telling everyone a random excuse, like you love Christmas so much and that’s why you’re wearing a Santa Claus hat in May.

Porcupine GIF
Trust me, I’ve trough this. Image viat: Giphy.


However, after Abril went through this at the age of eleven and saw that she did not look like the girl from the movie Matilda (her Hollywood star example), she made a more radical decision and said she would never cut her hair again.

“After four years I had it quite long again, so people have since called me ‘Rapunzel’ or ‘The girl with long hair.’ During all these years I’ve only trimmed the ends,” Abril told the Guinness World Records.

Abril’s hair care routine is not as burdensome as you might think. She only uses regular shampoo and conditioner and then lets her hair dry. If she needs some help, her mother assists her with detangling the ends.

Abril Lorenzatti
Abril Lorenzatti. (Photo via La Voz)


The real struggle begins when she’s walking up the stairs: If she holds her 1.52-meter-long hair in front of her, she might step on it, while if she keeps it behind, others might step on the ends. The weather plays a part as well: “If there’s a lot of wind, I have to hold it tight and tie it, or it becomes uncontrollable!,” said Abril.

Putting the stairs part aside, she’s very excited for holding the record for the longest hair on a teen. And at least now every time tourists in Cordoba ask her curious (and awkward) questions, she can tell them she has a Guinness World Record.

“It is very exciting, because until recently I didn’t think that my hair could even be considered for such an important recognition,” Abril said.

However, we must note that after Abril turns 18 and is no longer a teen, she won’t automatically become the holder of the record for female with the longest hair in the world, title which already belongs to Ms. Xie Qiuping at 5.627 meters (18 ft 5.54 in).

Maybe her perseverance might take her there someday? We’ll just have to wait and see.