Barely two weeks have passed since Edgardo Bauza sat alongside newly-elected AFA President Claudio `Chiqui`Tapia and since-departed Marcelo Tinelli to announce his departure as coach of the national side. Back then, he spoke agreeably of the decision and affirmed his belief that Argentina would make it to the World Cup next year in Russia.

As time has passed, however, it seems Bauza`s view on the matter has taken a bitter turn, as he had some choice words for his ex-employers in an interview with Rosario`s La Capital newspaper.

“These directors know nothing about football, they`re union men”, he said of Tapia and Daniel Angelici, who were elected as President and Vice-President of Argentina`s footballing body last month before promptly sacking Bauza.

On their reasoning for the sacking, Bauza said: “He (Tapia) told me that they wanted to change course and that they had been analyzing it and that’s why he made the decision.”

According to Bauza, however, this was never the case:

“They (AFA directors) can tell it however they want, but I was out of the national team before they even took power”, he continued, referring to the fact that Tapia and Angelici went uncontested in the elections.

“I told Tapia head on, when we spoke without intermediaries, that instead of trying to grind me down (through rumours that he would be sacked), they would have saved a lot of time by telling me that they didn`t want me anymore from day one.

“But no, they said so much nonsense through the press that all they did was to further devalue Argentine football”, he said.

El Patón also provided insight into the departure of Vice-President Marcelo Tinelli, who last week announced he would leave the administration as a result of “health issues”. In fact, it appears Tinelli stood apart from Tapia and Angelici on several matters, such as the national side`s footballing direction and the format of next season`s Super League.

According to Bauza, he too knew his fate beforehand, telling him “come, we`ll do it (the press conference) and then we`ll go”.

It looks like incoming coach Jorge Sampaoli – who was today all but confirmed as Argentina`s next coach – will have his work cut out for him if he wishes to stay in Tapia and co`s good books.