Photo via La Nación

After months of uncertainty, the Argentine Football Association announced this week that Fox-Turner will be the company to broadcast the first division of the Argentine football tournament once the state stops doing so in August. But it was yesterday when fans heard the news they really care about: how they will watch the games and how much it will cost them.

At the moment, viewers will only have the option to buy a “full package” with all the games for an estimate of AR $300 a month, after a proposal to allow them to base their subscription on specific teams was thrown out. The current deal will include 56 matches per month – that’s 14 per week. “That’s AR $6.25 per match”, a spokesperson for Fox-Turner said, not taking into account the fact that most people probably won’t want to watch 14 football matches per week.

It has also emerged that the media giants are keen to introduce what they have dubbed the ‘Netflix of football‘, which will allow subscribers to watch matches via the internet on TV, phones and tablets. Although this would not come into effect until the end of the year, the fee would be around AR $600 per month, so as to not hurt cable companies that much.

Carlos Martínez, President of Fox Sports Latin America, has high hopes for the platform, which will charge Argentine users to watch for the first time since 2009. Speaking in an interview with La Nación, Martínez revealed his hopes to have “two million subscribers” in the first year of coverage.

Matches will be shown on Fox’s three existing channels, while it is thought that Turner’s share of broadcasts will go out on a new channel called ‘Turner Sports Panamericana’.

Watch their latest promo video below: