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The political divide in Argentina may be at its worst, but if there’s one thing that can bring the entire nation together (to the amazement and maybe even disgust of the rest of the world — be quiet CNN), it’s our love of Fernet.

Which is why today’s news that our access to the national beverage may be in jeopardy is a tragedy beyond proportion.

Workers of Fernet Branca, the maker of the  Fernet we all love (sorry 1882), said they will start striking today and will gradually increase the scope of the strikes if the company refuses to increase their wages by 40 percent.

While the desired wage hikes may seem a bit lofty, the workers said they shouldn’t be “earning under AR$10,000 when the company is breaking sales records, exporting to all of South America and taking in astronomical earnings.”

I’m sure with enough public pressure this situation will eventually be resolved, but let’s hope it doesn’t get to the point where we have to start rationing our Fernet. Argentine stability depends on this.

So drink up while you can.

Lay back and enjoy Fernet, while you can. Gif via Friki.