Photo via Infobae

Combining the best of Argentina, fernet and fútbol, a man from the Province of Córdoba made jaws drop and the crowd go wild at a previa before the Provincial derby game between Belgrano – who he supports – and Talleres.

Possibly the magician able to make the largest amount of people happy in the country, takes the cameras through a step by step process of the Argentine equivalent to the story of Jesus turning water into wine: he pours water into a newspaper, and then within seconds he pours it back into a bottle in it’s new and improved state of fernet. Predictably, he was instantly rewarded with jumping, chants and cheers from onlookers of all ages.

Although Belgrano ended up tying with Talleres 0-0, the memory of the magician from Córdoba will live on forever in our hearts, and no doubt continue to circulate our social networks.