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If the idea of laying down on a beach on a Saturday, beer in hand, listening to the waves crashing doesn’t get you through the week — we don’t know what will.

Starting July 3rd, this daydream can become a more viable reality. The rumors are true — the train connecting Capital Federal to Mar Del Plata will be running once more.

Originally, it was announced that the train shut down due to the collapse of a bridge crossing over the Río Salado. Turns out this was not entirely the reason. On November 2016, there was an official announcement that actually 55 thousand railroad sites had some level of malfunctioning and needed to be fixed.

Now, after two years of being offline and under renovation, the train is finally open to the public. An investment of AR $1.300 million later and 208 kilometers worth of tracks renovated, porteños and marplatenses are officially reconnected.

The train will also be stopping in 12 other locations in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, including Chascomús, Lezama, Castelli, among others. Trains will depart Buenos Aires once a day at 3:13 p.m. from Constitución and returning from Mar Del Plata at 11:59 p.m.

foto via: La Nación
foto via: La Nación

Now on to the gory details: the price. Individuals have already filed complaints regarding the 41.66 percent increase per ticket but let’s take a step back.

From Monday to Thursday, each ticket will cost AR $200, a price which more than doubles for the weekend (AR $450). However, for retirees there will be a 40 percent discount and kids under 12 years of age will only have to pay half the price.

Look at it this way: bus tickets from Buenos Aires to Mar Del Plata are around AR $600 one way. The train is bound to be a cheaper option, and hopefully, quicker. The time duration for the trip is still to be announced though.

We may not be sipping Margaritas in Cancun, but the option of having the beach only a train away is relieving enough. Get your calendars out and plan yourself a weekend getaway, you’ve earned it.