Cayastá, the small and normally quiet Santa Fe Province town where the notorious General Alvear maximum security prison fugitives were captured (finally), is using its newfound fame to make a buck in the tourism industry.

A week ago, few Argentines had heard of Cayastá. Now that its name has been splattered across every major news outlet in the country, Cayastá has been quick to get in on the social media joke about it, using the slogan “Cayastá, a town that captures you,” (credited to one Guillermo Niedermayer), to promote tourism.

The town of roughly 4,500 inhabitants primarily relies on fishing and agriculture and had some tough times this summer when the fishing industry was hurt by the floods.

So turns out having the escaped fugitives (all three!) be captured in Cayastá became the town’s best publicity opportunity in years. The town’s tourism office created a Twitter page the very same day the last two fugitives were caught and quickly began re-tweeting posts concerning their town.

The town has said it wants to offer a “route of the fugitives” tour to visitors, taking them along the path that the three fugitives took around the town and hopefully avoiding any recreation of a hostage situation.

Cayasta 2

Some alternative slogans that were suggested on the town’s tourism Facebook page were:

“One in three people prefers Cayastá,” “Don’t let a road bump lower your desire to visit Cayastá,” “Cayastá, the most-wanted town,” “Fully equipped police stations. Off-Road excursions.” Not the most creative slogans but with only 4,300 likes, you take what you can get.