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Starting Thursday, September 10, the Han Cine – South Korean Film Festival will be wowing audiences with a mix of new and classic films at Cinemark Palermo

For the average millennial, Asian culture and art production is pretty familiar because we grew up with it, (some might even argue we were molded by it). We bounced from Manga and Anime to more sophisticated animation, like Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Evangelion and Hayao Miyazaki or Satoshi-Kon, and ended up stumbling on this new Japanese, Chinese and South Korean cinema. At first, the genre can come off as odd, strangely filmed, yet unusually intimate stories to us. It’s a weird journey worth embarking on, though.

South Korean Cinema is very much present on this side of the world thanks to filmmakers like: Chan-wook Park, Oldboy, Joon-ho Bong, Host and, (roll drum) Kim Ki-Duk, Spring, Summer, Fall Winter… and Spring, Time, 3-Iron, The Bow, and the like.

Hosted by the Korean Cultural Center, the Han Cine – South Korean Film Festival, will take place in the Cinemark Palermo cinema, presenting 11 films in total, some of which have never premiered in Argentina before, like Huh Jung’s thriller, Hide and Seek, based on a real story; Oh Ki-hwan’s Comedy, Fashion King; Park Chan-wook’s Stoker with a Hollywood cast mixed it (Nicole Kidman makes an appearance) and his ultra classic from forever ago, Oldboy.

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Seeing work from this fine genre of cinema on the big screen shouldn’t be missed. The festival runs through the 16th, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.