Welcome, friends, to another installment of your weekly guide to the exciting world of live music in Buenos Aires. It’s The Setlist! In fact, it’s the very last Setlist of the season, as this winter that never really felt like winter lets out its final, anguished gasps of air and rolls over as a decrepit corpse in order for springtime to fully take over. We’re excited for the coming few months; not only are there a whole bunch of excellent shows coming up, but The Setlist has a number of surprises cooking up that we’ll be sure to announce in the coming weeks. Get psyched.

The very first of these announcements is that The Setlist is turning one year old next week. That’s right, September 27th marks 365 days since we went live with our very first column, and we want to celebrate it with you. We’re doing this with a special anniversary event at Güll, one of our very favorite bars in Palermo, where we’ll be mingling, having drinks (special Setlist promos!) and playing some of the music we feature on this column. We’re working out the details still, and we’ll be announcing the date and pertinent info on this column as soon as we have it, so keep an eye out for it! We want to hang out with you!

And finally, before we get to the shows, just a quick reminder that if you’re a musician with a gig coming up and you’d like us to feature it here on The Setlist, we want to hear about it! Just send it along to our email address: setlist@thebubble.com. Now, on with the music…

Wednesday | September 20

The Jovian, Social Squad, Caravana, Eruca Sativa and SVNDX at Ciudad Emergente

Festival Ciudad Emergente is back! This joyous, five-day-long celebration of music, technology, art and FOOD TRUCKS is legit one of the top-ten best things about living in this town. Not only do you get to see a whole bunch of live music (day 1 boasts the likes of tech-house DJ The Jovian and alternative rockers Eruca Sativa) and participate in cutting-edge tech exhibits (among the many mindblowing things on display this year, there’s an immersive, virtual-reality, Björk-themed experience, which by itself was pretty much enough to win us over), but it’s also all available for the unbeatable price of free. Don’t say we’re not looking out for your wallet.

6 PM | FREE | Usina del Arte | Agustín R. Caffarena 1

Cabeza Flotante, Papeles and SIMONIMOS at Ciclo Radar Música

Oh, hey, speaking of free, here’s another awesome thing you can do for free at a kickass venue. This week’s installment of Ciclo Radar Música at the Centro Cultural Recoleta features the post-punky sounds of Cabeza Flotante, kinetic rock-and-rollers Papeles and  angular, boisterous, confoundingly-monickered noise-rockers SIMONIMOS. Again, this is for free. That’s two free options for tonight. Get yourself that extra slice of avocado toast. You deserve it.

7 PM | FREE | Centro Cultural Recoleta | Junin 1930

Thursday | September 21

Bambi, Alinda Dúo, Pommez Internacional, Árbol & More at Ciudad Emergente

Day 2 of Ciudad Emergente is a doozy, featuring the indie-pop sounds of Pommez Internacional and the eclecticism of the legendary Árbol as well as many others. And also: the food trucks. Last year I had a stuffed choripan that I’m still having occasional dreams about.

4 PM | FREE | Usina del Arte | Agustín R. Caffarena 1

Antolin, Super 1 Mundial, Bad Manu, Pablo Neptuno at Naranja Verde

Naranja Verde, one of the coolest little punk art spaces in the city, brings together a nifty assortment of local talent, with wistful shoegaze-tinged pop rock from Antolin, the wide-ranging, experimental, noise-collage, flicking-through-radio-stations sounds of Pablo Neptuno (who just cracked us up by sampling a heavily distorted version of the Rugrats theme song), the maddeningly-hooky, reverb-laden post-punk of Super 1 Mundial, and the endearingly twee indie-pop of Bad Manu. Also, a “surprise band” is playing after all this. So we’re going to venture a guess and say it’s…  Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin is closing this show, people. You heard it here first.

9 PM | FREE | Naranja Verde | Av. Santa Fe 1284

Riel • Metadron • El PCC at Niceto Lado B

Come celebrate the advent of springtime with Ciclo Massive Waves! This time around, dynamic power-duo Riel bring their economical yet tightly-wound post-rock arrangements to the Niceto Lado B stage, along with dreamy, shoegazy, sometimes-taciturn, always-thrilling drone-rockers Metadron and Mar del Plata’s own dance-punkers El PCC.

9 PM | AR $100 | Niceto Lado B | Niceto Vega 5510

Facu Tobogán at Multiespacio Korova

Tobogán Andaluz’s frontman Facu Tobogán ventures out on his own for a solo show at Korova, showcasing selections from his songbook.

9 PM | AR $70 | Multiespacio Korova | Paraguay 4667

Friday | September 22

Cuyoman, Revanchistas, ¥oha, Cítrico, Lud Poynter, Todo Aparenta Normal, Carajo & More at Ciudad Emergente

Ciudad Emergente day 3 features a lot of fist-pumping goodness, including the anthemic Todo Aparenta Normal, the stuttering synthwave sounds of Cítrico and the raw, unadorned melodic aggression of the cathartically-titled Carajo.

4 PM | FREE | Usina del Arte | Agustín R. Caffarena 1

Playa Grande at Mercurio Disqueria

Los Playa Grande showcase their first official album at Mercurio Disqueria! A pleasingly loud (without being ear-splitting in that bad kind of way), echoey shoegaze-tinged affair that gallops placidly along on a bed of twinkly guitars and strategically-placed slabs of thick distortion.

8 PM | FREE | Mercurio Disqueria | Av. Santa Fé 2729

Les Mentettes + Ignacio Del Pórtico at La Tangente

Les Mentettes bring their thrillingly soporific (and we are aware of how odd that combination of words sound, but trust us, it works) sound to the Tangente stage, with support from Ignacio Del Pórtico‘s jangly pop songs.

9 PM | AR $120 | La Tangente | Honduras 5317

Saturday | September 23

Lacadona Social Club, Viva Elástico, La Patrulla Espacial, Ignacia, Delfina Campos & More at Ciudad Emergente

Day 4 of Ciudad Emergente and we sincerely hope you’re keeping hydrated. Between the breathless electro-pop of Ignacia, the throwback, old-school rockn’roll of La Patrulla Espacial and the gentle, mysterious desert folk-pop of Delfina Campos, there’s more than enough to keep you occupied.

1 PM | FREE | Usina del Arte | Agustín R. Caffarena 1

Pyramides and Queridas at Roseti

Pyramides brings their reverb-laden, apreggio-driven, emotionally-minded post-punk songs to the Roseti stage, joined by the autumnal, wistful, impossibly-pretty sounds of Queridas. Come along for a night of staring at the top of your shoes and wishing vaguely that you were somewhere else, but not really, because these songs are really good, and also all those lovers are just faking it, anyway; sex is trivial, romantic love is an impossible illusion, everyone hurts each other in the end, and sometimes you just want to listen to atonal guitar solos. Wait…   this kind of ran away from us. The point is: you need to come here.

10 PM | AR $100 | Roseti | Roseti 722

Primavera Dior | Electrochongo, Hiroshima Dandys, Futuras Madres

Sólo le Pido a Dior turns four years old, and they’re celebrating it (as well as ringing in the new season) with this most excellent line-up. Given in! To the irresistibly fun, kitschy pop of Electrochongo. Delight! At the synth-driven techno sounds of Hiroshima Dandys. Sway! To the tune of Futuras Madres‘s chilled-out, laid-back post-punk.

11 PM | AR $100 | Espacio Cultural Mi Casa | Aguero 787

Sunday | September 25

Onda Vaga, Carla Morrison, Diego Cid, Naomi Preizler, Libelulas, Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas & More at Ciudad Emergente

The stunning conclusion to the five-day Ciudad Emergente celebration. There’s always something vaguely wistful about the last day of a multi-day festival. By this point, you’re probably all tired out, music-sated, and maybe a couple of pounds heavier (again: those food trucks, man). But what better way to close things out with a bang than to throw an all-out party, courtesy of the funk/Afro-Cuban/pop-rock rhythms of the mighty Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas? One last big bash before it’s time to board it up. Sounds like a plan to us.

1 PM | FREE | Usina del Arte | Agustín R. Caffarena 1