Why hello there chickadees, welcome back for our second round of “give these musicians your money!” This week is a little bit uneven (thanks, Macri) but some Thursday nights are just meant to be spent drinking wine at your kitchen table reflecting on your choices — not ruining someone’s live performance with a poorly executed double clap.

Wednesday | October 5


Tribute to Elliott Smith

Once while attending a music festival in NYC, a very nice, very sensitive boy and I stayed out all night, with the plan to take the subway in the wee hours of the morning to watch the sun rise from the Cloisters. Freezing our nalgas off and staring wistfully in the wrong direction, we shared a pair of earphones while he cued up “Son of Sam,” a nice little song about the eponymous serial killer who loved to target secluded couples in New York City. Ah, romance.

Every Wednesday, all month long, some totally morbid but presumably very nice, very sensitive people are hosting a free (yeah, you read that right) tribute show to the deceased “Patron Saint of Indie Rock” (don’t hate me, hate this IMDB tagline), beginning with a screening of the 2014 biography  “Heaven Adores You” and closing with local musicians performing renditions of their favorites.

8 PM | FREE  | Multiespacio Korova | Paraguay 4667 | Palermo

Thursday | October 6

I have nothing for you. Luckily, Solange has everything for you and me and the whole world forever and ever.

Also, Panachef is BACK after a week-long hiatus. And those arepas are crazy talented, y’all. In place of a space filler I give you my honest advice — eat arepas and listen to Solange’s new album. 

Friday | October 7


Sesiones de Primavera: Karina Vismara, HDPM, and Sombrero

The Caras y Caretas artists series returns with a triple threat fecha that spans the folk and country scene in Buenos Aires. The incredibly talented alt. folk musician Karina Vismara will be performing dreamy and intricate songs that bear proof to her many influences, including Joni Mitchell, Laura Marling, and Nick Drake. She shares the date with honky-tonk country rocker duo Hermanos de Distinto Padre y Madre (AKA brother from another mother/sister from another mister) and Sombrero, an 8-piece folklore meets country western band whose origin story is not unlike a hipper, musical version of City Slickers.

9 PM | AR $100 | Teatro Caras y Caretas | Sarmiento 2037 | Centro

Ciclo Nuevo Puerto vol. 2: Las Kellies, Wanna Wanna, Miguel Canel y los Sagan

Local indie record label Minima Discos hosts this live music series with the objective of forging new bonds and community or whatever kumbaya nonsense is big with the kids these days. Their second edition is headlined by Post Punk group Las Kellies, who, according to popular legend, began when 3 girls met at a bar, decided to have a band together (as one does) and borrowed their friend’s amps and instruments (WHO ARE THESE FRIENDS?) Openers: Fem pop band Wanna Wanna and bedroom shoegaze act Miguel Canel y los Sagan

11 PM | AR $70 (AR $50 until 12 AM) | Naranja Verde | Av. Santa Fe 1284 | Centro

Saturday | October 8

los espiritus

Los Espíritus in Niceto

Psychedelic rockers Los Espiritus are back in town for one last show in Capital on their country-wide tour and it’s sure to be another mystical night full of latin rhythms and bluesy guitar jams. If that isn’t trippy enough for you, opener Shaman y Los Pilares de la Creación offer a mesmerizing blend of tribal throat-singing and Patagonian folk music. Sober attendance not recommended. Feathers optional.

12:00 AM | AR $150 | Niceto Club | Niceto Vega 5510| Palermo Hollywood