Welcome one and all to a new, extra-spooky installment of The Setlist, your favorite weekly guide to the best guide to watching live music in Buenos Aires. That’s right, we’re in October now, which means it’s officially Halloween season. And yeah, Argentina might not really care much for Halloween, but we sure as heck do! Seriously, who doesn’t love candy, costumes and thoroughly sanitized versions of demonic imagery and ancient pagan rituals? So carve up your jack-o-lanterns, dust off your favorite ghost costume (or order a sexy variant thereof), and get yourself to a live show. There’s so much stuff happening!

Oh, and hey! Quick reminder. We want to make sure we cover as much material as possible each week, and with a scene as active as this is, a lot can slip through the cracks. So, in our effort to remain forever on top of things, we set up an e-mail address where you — that’s right, you, dear reader — can submit your own suggestions for shows for us to cover. If you have a gig coming up, or you know of one, we want to hear about it! Hit us up at

Without further ado, on with the music!

Wednesday | October 4

Radar Música: Harén + Las Armas + Prusia

Wednesday. Hump day. The middle of the week. The big hurdle to get through before the sweet, sweet promise of a weekend’s respite is finally within reach. You know what always makes Wednesdays better? That’s right: live music. But we’ll do you one better: how about a free live show, at one of the prettiest venues in town? Sound too good to be true, eh? Well, it’s not: Ciclo Radar Música delivers exactly that each Wednesday at the Centro Cultural Recoleta, and we are so thankful to be able to count on them. This time around, we get the sexy, upbeat hard-rock sounds of Harén, the jagged, angular instrumental guitar attack of Prusia, and the bluesy, soulful songs of Las Armas.

7 PM | FREE | Centro Cultural Recoleta | Junin 1930

Millencolin at Groove

Ah, Millencolin. Sweet, sweet Millencolin. How many afternoons I spent as an angry young man, shaking my metaphorical fist at the social scene I felt like I didn’t fit in and all the girls who wouldn’t give me the time of day, screaming along to the chorus of “No Cigar” like there was nothing more important in the world than making sure my neighbors were aware that I knew every word of this song by heart. “Mr. Clean” was a rebellious revelation. “Black Eye” was some kind of proto-emo anthem. Millencolin, I loved you as a teenager; your skate-punk power chords and somewhat nonsensical lyrics played a fundamental part in shaping my young music-listening mind. And though you’ve fallen somewhat out of my listening habits, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to sing along to those same songs– this time, with a likeminded crowd who all probably had the same experience, tonight at Groove. I’m stoked.

7 PM | AR $995 | Groove | Av. Santa Fé 4389

Thursday | October 5

The Puñeters, Mierda, Katalepsia, Beatrice Inferno, Los Cvlos, LoS Posibles & Calma Isabel

Hey, speaking of punk rock, how about some local high-tempo three-chord goodness? Legendary venue Salón Pueyrredón is celebrating its 20th year anniversary with a five-day all-out bash of epic proportions. Day three of the celebration will feature the blitzing sounds of pathos-laden pop-punk power-trio The Puñeters, the very bluntly-titled Mierda and the grimy, hard-edged sounds of Katalepsia, before taking a bit of a breather with the breezy island sounds of Beatrice Inferno. Of course the rest doesn’t last long, as things ramp right back up with frenetic garage-punkers Los Cvlos and the peppy punked-up power-pop of LoS Posibles before finally going out with a bang. That bang, namely, is the mighty Calma Isabel.

9:30 PM | FREE | Salón Pueyrredón | Av. Santa Fe 4560

Josefina Álvarez / Ratón Zana / Perro Salchicha / Johndy FOAL

Clásico Fernandez is a cool venue because it feels like the unholy mash-up of a punk dive and a jazz club. Also, their drinks are real good. With their Jueves de Clásico series, they make sure to put that space to good use, filling it with the awesome sounds of the burgeoning indie scene. This time around, singer Josefina Álvarez, folky singer-songwriter Ratón Zana, the intriguingly-named Perro Salchicha and freak-folker Johndy FOAL take the stage.

8:30 PM | FREE | Clásico Fernandez | Piedras 1020

Dos Ossos, Ariel Flores, Corpiños Luminosos y Sus Guantes Sonoros

The new installment of Ciclo Encrucijada is here, with performances by experimental act Dos Ossos (the only act I can think of to successfully merge a Joy Division sample with Hawaiian music), the spacy, chopped-up sounds of Ariel Flores, and the found-sounds, faulty-transmission weirdness of Corpiños Luminosos y Sus Guantes Sonoros. You want traditional song structures? You’re probably not gonna find them at this festival. But if you like a bit of audio weirdness, this will scratch that very particular itch.

9 PM | AR $60 | Espacio Cultural Mi Casa | Aguero 787

Friday | October 6

Excursionistas, Gira Peonza and Solar at El Oceanario

Villa Crespo’s El Oceanario is a venue we don’t really feature enough. We should change that. With a cool, ocean-themed setup and craft beer on tap, it’s a performance / art space that should get more of our attention. And they feature great music! This time around, Excursionistas bring their country-tinged alterna-folk songs to its stage, along with the maddeningly catchy pop-rock sounds of Gira Peonza and the expansive, melodic psychedelia of Solar.

10 PM | El Oceanario Club Cultural | Remedios Escalada de San Martín 332

Palta & The Mood, Morganville, Crew Rod, Traffic City, Dr. Groove: La Semana del Funk

Halfway through writing this column we appear to have forgotten that this was meant to be a Halloween-themed edition of The Setlist. We are now torn between half-heartedly attempting to revisit the Halloween theme, quietly abandoning it, or very loudly call attention to the fact that we are not sure what to do with it. We’ve clearly opted for a half-measure, as we are not only calling attention to our internal conflict, but we are also half-heartedly resuming the Halloween thing. And, quite fortuitously, we’re doing this on the listing for a funk music festival. Because what’s a scarier music genre than funk, really? The groovy bass runs, the unpredictable syncopation, the intersection of sexual expression and social consciousness. El Emergente celebrates funk music with La Semana del Funk, enlisting the help of such funky luminaries as Palta & The Mood, Morganville, Crew Rod, Traffic City and Dr. Groove. It promises to be a heck of a lot of fun! Oh, and, uh… spooky. Okay, we’re dropping the Halloween thing. This is clearly not working.

8 PM | El Emergente | Francisco Acuña de Figueroa 1030

Ey Ñandú presents : Amor en Vivo

Mixing folk music with autochthonous rhythms from all over these southern lands, the insanely talented Ey Ñandú showcase their new, highly-anticipated release Amor, which can be currently streamed online and is more than worth your time. Give it a listen, then come hear the songs on the Clásico Fernandez stage.

9 PM | FREE | Clásico Fernandez | Piedras 1020

Saturday | October 7

Festival del Universo Mundial: Dromedarios Mágicos, Fervors, Las Jóvenes Idealistas & María es un Extraño

They say music is the universal language, but I think it’s more likely that it’s Chinese. Did you know there’s roughly a million people who speak Mandarin? Isn’t that insane? I guess the source of my quibble is the classification of music as a “language”, when, yes, it can be clearly understood by many, and a diminished-seventh note has the same emotional connotation to pretty much anyone who listens to it, but it can’t really be effectively spoken by a lot of people, can it? Look, I’m being pedantic here and I realize that. The point is: music is an incredibly powerful tool for bringing people together, and what better evidence of that than this show at Espacio Cultural Mi Casa, which brings together musicians from Mexico, the United States, Argentina, and… also Argentina? Come enjoy the punky folk travelogues of Dromedarios Mágicos, the ethereal dream-pop of Fervors (hi Evy!), the 90s-tinged indie-rock of Las Jóvenes Idealistas, and the charming, jangly post-punk of María es un Extraño. What a lineup!

11 PM | AR $80 | Espacio Cultural Mi Casa | Agüero 787

Festival Delay Interprovincial: Los Fritos, Unidad 01, Pelu Garcia y el Sindicato Mental, Memoria Atari, Los Edificios

Another mini-festival bringing bands together from Buenos Aires and its surrounding areas! Come check out the garagey, throwback psychedelia of Los Fritos, the emotionally potent indie-rock of Unidad 01, the upbeat, shimmery sounds of Pelu García y el Sindicato Mental, the wonderful shoegazy loudness of Memoria Atari, and the punky new wave of Los Edificios, as well as acoustic sets by Otoño en Jupiter and Moskow on Fire.

10 PM | POMO Distrito de Arte | Santa Rosa 5157

Sunday | October 8

Paola Gamberale presents: Postales del Sol

It’s been a long week. Treat yourself to a nice little slice of placid folk-tinged goodness. Paola Gamberale presents Postales del Sol, part of her Postales series, combining folk, jazz and various Argentine rhythms.

9:30 PM | CIRCE Fábrica de Arte | Av. Córdoba 4335