You know the old sayings: Less is more. Quality over quantity. Don’t eat your feelings unless absolutely necessary. In any case, the serving size of this week’s Setlist may be smaller than usual, but it doesn’t make it any less delicious. Let’s dig in, shall we?

PS. You better undo your top button for next weekend — it’s already shaping up to be a musical feast of unholy proportions…so much so that i may need help serving the damn thing (wink wink, nudge nudge).

Wednesday | May 3

Free Show At CC Recoleta: Jin Yerei + Luvi Torres + Lauphan

It’s Wednesday in Buenos Aires and you know the drill: a free concert at the gorgeous Centro Cultural Recoleta awaits! Performing this week’s edition: telluric electropop artist Lauphan, rhythmic A/V artist Jin Yerei, and folkloric singer-songwriter Luvi Torres.

7 PM | FREE | Centro Cultural Recoleta | Junin 1930

Thursday | May 4

Ciclo Bermudas #2

La Plata-based indie pop trio Las Bermudas hosts the 2nd edition of their self-titled concert series at POMO this Thursday night, this time with dreamy post-rock trio La Venganza de Cheetara and experimental 4-piece Shona.

10 PM | ARS $70 | POMO, Distrito de Arte | Santa Rosa 5157

Friday | May 5

Ciclo Infame Vol. 3

The lovely folks at Espacio Cultural Mi Casa are opening their garage-y doors for the third edition of Ciclo Infame: good bands, dope visuals, and fairly-priced beer. Performing this week: Krupoviesa, space rock band Funes el memorioso, indietronic band Libelulas, and noisey dream pop act Verde y los Caballos a Marte.

11 PM | AR $60 | Espacio Cultural Mi Casa | Aguero 787

The Desastres Play Free at El Universal

A couple years ago I found myself at Naranja Verde, watching a local, moderately well-known indie rock band debut their “new single.” Unfortunately, the single borrowed so heavily from Link Wray’s “Rumble,” that my slightly tipsy and belligerent self yelled, “THIS IS BULLSH**!” and ran downstairs to hail a cab home. If only I could go back in time to tell belliger-evy that it would be all ok, and that The Desastres would be making amends to Link Wray (among other 50’s and 60’s guitar gods) on behalf of all good people a mere two years later. At El Universal. For free.

I think we’re done here.

9 PM | FREE | El Universal espacio cultural | Soria 4940

Abra Sua Mente Para O Sol – Vol. 1

Acid folk act Flores de Sinaloa and tropicalia meets Black Sabbath band  Nuvem Leopardo play the inauguration of the appropriately named concert series “Abra Sua Mente Para O Sol.” Supporting cast includes promoters Ciclo ActivaElevatorio, and Buencebú, Radio program Para la Monada, and Big Head Laboratorio design. 

9PM | AR $60 | Bar en vivo | Niceto Vega 5702

Saturday | May 6 

Diente de Madera + Melmann + Salvia Divinorum at Roseti

Art collective/psychoactive drug Salvia Divinorum will be making everything colorful this Saturday at Roseti, where our local evangelist of Appalachian drone Diente de Madera and ethereal experimental musician Melmann will be performing songs and live improvisations. It’s gonna be magic, you guys.

10 PM | ARS $100 | Roseti | Roseti 722

Bleh Nights

I love under-promisers and over-deliverers. So you can imagine my instant affinity for an event called Bleh Nights, a presentation of folk musician Pato Benitez‘s compilation album in both solo and accompanied format. Los Banco opens.

8:30 PM | AR $100 | Casa Jungla | Estados Unidos 1560