Happy Wednesday, one and all! Not only does this today signal the midway point of the working week (and, of course, a new installment of our concert roundup), it’s also the last day of May. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, we’re moving right on to June, the midway point of a year that feels like it literally just started about ten minutes ago. And even though this is exactly the kind of thing that would normally send us into a spiral of existential dread and anxiety, pondering how quickly time is moving and how life has started feeling like a TV show that’s ramping up to an explosive series finale… we’re not going do that. Not this week. We have some shows to talk about, so let’s get talking.

Thursday | June 1

TUL Presents Folie, Juanga, Alelí Cheval and Eterno Fulgor

Folie specialize in infectious, deceptively-upbeat, Arctic Monkeys-style rock music with a decidedly Argento twist. They’re playing at TUL Cultura Independiente, which this time around is taking place at El Emergente Club. The line-up is rounded out by power-popper Juanga,  noir sludge-rocker Alelí Cheval and krautrock-inspired Venezuelan synthwave act Eterno Fulgor.

11 PM | AR $100 | El Emergente Bar | Francisco Acuña de Figueroa 1030

Giorgio Moroder at Niceto Club

Speaking of synths, here’s a true pioneer of synthetic sounds. The name may not immediately ring a bell, but if you’ve ever found yourself bobbing along to the beat of electronic dance music in a darkened room, you’ve probably heard a song or two by Giorgio Moroder (most likely, this piece of disco brilliance). The legendary songwriter and producer makes his way to Buenos Aires for a showcase of his impressive songbook at Niceto. Frilly disco shirts are encouraged.

10 PM | AR $850 | Niceto Club | Niceto Vega 5510

Dedés, Brigada Barceló and Cabeza Flotante at Naranja Verde

Slinky, lo-fi power-duo Dedés joins forces with throwback garage-rockers Cabeza Flotante and the solar-glare guitar-rock wistfulness of Brigada Barceló for a show at Naranja Verde.

10 PM | AR $50 | Naranja Verde | Santa Fe 1284

Friday | June 2

Pola Harlow Tribute to Twin Peaks & Fire Walk With Me

Legendary TV series Twin Peaks has burst back into the popular consciousness with its recent Showtime revival (which, thankfully for us, is streaming on Netflix Latin America!). Jazz singer Pola Harlow, with her noir-throwback stylings, is uniquely suited to pay homage to the sultry, mysterious, oddly disquieting world David Lynch and company have created for us; she’ll be doing this with a selection of its similarly mysterious and unnerving music. Bebop Club, with its vintage ambiance and deep red curtains, is also uniquely suited to serve as a venue, though I’m not sure they sell cherry pie. Who would’ve guessed that show you liked would be coming back in style?

Midnight | AR $150 | Bebop Club | Moreno 364

Pantro Puto and El Principe Idiota at Multiespacio Korova

Pantro Puto, guitarist for El Mató a un Policía Motorizado (an Argentine band you should absolutely look into if you’re not already hip to them), plays with his side project at Multiespacio Korova. El Principe Idiota joins him with a special solo set.

9 PM | Multiespacio Korova | Paraguay 4667

Mi Casa Es Tu Casa Day 1: El Sur, Gativideo, La Noche Que Estuve a Punto de Morir, Santiago Azpiri

Espacio Cultural Mi Casa has long been one of our favorite spots for live music. This weekend, it celebrates its four-year anniversary in style, with a two-day party featuring local favorites. The lineup for the Friday night show includes the youth anthems of the gloriously hazy and noisy El Sur, the slickly psychedelic sounds of Gativideo, the dark-tinged theatricality of La Noche Que Estuve a Punto de Morir, and the gorgeous minimalistic melancholia of Santiago Azpiri as well as a SURPRISE BAND. Now, I’m not saying the surprise band is definitely Huey Lewis & The News, but there’s also nothing on the Facebook event description that says it isn’t. Take that as you will.

10 PM | AR $120 | Espacio Cultural Mi Casa | Aguero 787

Saturday | June 3

Mi Casa Es Tu Casa Day 2: Riel, Amor Elefante, Javi Punga Turboband, Lo Turbio, Nicolás Mateo

Day two of Mi Casa’s anniversary celebration features the dream-rock duo Riel, the bubbly sounds of Amor Elefante, the sun-kissed songs of Javi Punga Turbo Band, punk-rockers Lo Turbio and Nicolás Mateo‘s stouthearted folk-rock anthems.

10 PM | AR $120 | Espacio Cultural Mi Casa | Aguero 787
Festi Indiana: María Pien, Srta. Trueno Negro, Todos Los Problemas, MeGaFauNa, Tani

Festi Indiana is a staunchly DIY event focused on promoting independent artists with a focus on female musicians. This installment features folky songstress María Pien, the understated indie-rock of Srta. Trueno Negro, the angular bizarro-punk of Todos Los Problemas, the forever-charming lo-fi of Tani, and the melodic indie-rock sounds of MeGaFauNa, as well as art exhibitions, poetry readings, crackin’ DJ sets and all that good stuff.

11 PM | AR $80 | Sala Crash | Uriarte 1271

Canción Sobre Canción: Papina de Palma & Juanito El Cantor

Independent record label Elefante en la Habitación continues in its mission to showcase rare talents and share in the joy of creating with a new edition of their Canción Sobre Canción series. Canción Sobre Canción is a collaborative series of shows where artists get together for a musical sparring session, playing songs from each other’s repertoire as well as special one-offs. This installment brings Uruguayan trobairitz (yes, it’s a word!) Papina De Palma together with Juanito el Cantor. It also serves as the launch of the former’s new album, produced by the latter, titled Instantes Decisivos. And hey, if you want to learn more about Elefante en la Habitación and what they do, why don’t you go ahead and read the feature we wrote about them last week?

9 PM | AR $200 | Café Vinilo | Gorriti 3780

Saturday | May 20

Tango Jazz Quartet at Bebop Club

Tango Jazz Quartet is… well, pretty much what its name suggests. A jazz quartet that plays tango music. Well, to be more precise, it’s a quartet that plays a blend of tango and jazz music, bringing the melodic stylings of one and melding it with the improvisational nature of the other. The result is a rewarding listen for fans of either genre, and a classy, snazzy way to wrap up the week.

6 PM | AR $150 | Bebop Club | Moreno 364

Lux Raptor and Lau Velocitud at Fuego Amigo Discos

Looking for a chill way to spend your Sunday while maybe also snagging some cool rare record finds? Hey, this sounds right up your alley: synthwave musician Lux Raptor and punky anti-folker Lau Velocitud play for free at this record store event which, endearingly, proudly advertises the presence of chocolate milk on its Facebook Event description.

4 PM | Free | Fuego Amigo Discos | Paraguay 4667

Pulo do Gato at Paseo La Plaza

Looking to liven up the grey drabness of the impending winter? Why not inject your evening with the taste of Brazil? Argentine/Brazilian group Pulo Do Gato brings its fusion of samba, pagode, rock and reggae to Corrientes avenue. Look, I’ll level with you: indie rock, synthwave, shoegaze, sludge metal– these are all wonderful music genres, well worth the time investment. But sometimes… gosh, sometimes you just want to sway around in a vaguely rhythmic fashion to some Brazilian music while singing along in badly-botched Portuguese and trying hard to forget that we’re all a bunch of insignificant meat sacks being rapidly savaged by time’s cruel arrows. Aw man, we said we weren’t going to get all existential this week, didn’t we? Darn it.

8:30 PM | AR $100 | The Cavern | Corrientes 1660