Thank your lucky stars, tomorrow is the rare Thursday-sans-bridge-holiday feriado and we have all been blessed with the sweet siren song of a faux-Friday. So strap on your big girl pants and get ready to hit the shows people! Because we have options.

PS. This week Jorge profiled the fantastically eclectic independent label “Elefante en la Habitacion,” in the first of a series of Setlist articles spotlighting local record labels, venues, bands, art collectives and more. Check it out.

Wednesday | May 24

Gativideo and República del Paraguay at Espacio37

Get to second 0:40 of the video above without grinning, WE DARE YOU. And yes, that first track is called “Bruce Willis.” Gativideo is the synthtastic 80s kitsch-rock band we didn’t know we needed in our lives, and at the top of our list to catch live. Joining the fellas for their fake Friday performance is indie pop band República del Paraguay, presenting their debut album “Bienvenidos.”

9PM | AR $100 | Espacio 37 | El Salvador 4607

Radar Music: Valle de Muñecas + Bautista Viajando + Laika PerraRusa

[Reprogrammed from 8/3/17]

Get your pavilion on with yet another free Wednesday night show at Centro Cultural Recoleta. Buenos Aires power pop mainstays Valle de Muñecas will be playing, along with La Plata alt rock band Bautista Viajando and pop rock band Laika PerraRusa.

7 PM | FREE | Centro Cultural Recoleta | Junin 1930

Juana Molina. Halo at Niceto Club. Encore Presentation!

Argentine songstress Juana Molina returns for an encore presentation of her latest (and strongest) album, Halo – a 12 song ode to rhythmic experimentation and hypnotizing loops. If you haven’t seen her live yet, there’s no time like the present.

9 PM | AR $460 | Niceto | Niceto Vega 5510

Thursday | May 25

Las jóvenes Idealistas + María + Srta Trueno Negro

Evy’s 75-year-old faux-grandpa/wizard Julio just informed her that he will be attending this show, making it the clear place to be this Thursday night (we aren’t joking). Bahia Blanca-based lo-fi indie band Las Jovenes Idealistas will kick off the night, presenting songs from their recent EP, “Esto es solo para decir,” which draws on the words and inspiration of Raymond Carver, Daiana Henderson, Marianne Moore, and William Carlos Williams. They will be followed onstage by droney noise rock band Srta Trueno Negro and punky twee pop act Maria.

8 PM | AR $60 | El Emergente Bar – Abasto  | Gallo 333 | Abasto

Atrás Hay Truenos + Rosario Bléfari + Riel at Niceto Club

Evy’s favorite LAPTRA but not super LAPTRA-y band Atrás Hay Truenos returns for another inventive live set, this time accompanied by indie pop figurehead Rosario Bléfari and the most badass couple band we’ve ever seen (Riel).

9 PM | AR $140| Niceto Club | Niceto Vega 5510

Friday | May 26

Los Totales + Marta Nolan + Ison Spectra @ Niceto Club Lado B

The Berazategui-based band Los Totales write sumptuous indie pop songs you can really sink your teeth into, a la Apples in Stereo or Silver Jews. The record label Compacta Discos will be hosting their show to celebrate 10 years as a band this friday at Niceto Club’s more intimate stage. celebrates 10 years of sumptuous indie pop songs you can really sink your teeth into, a la Apples in Stereo or Silver Jews. The catchy lo-fi indie pop band Marta Nolan and shoe-gazey, experimental act Ison Spectra open.

9 PM | AR ?? | Niceto Club Lado B | Humboldt 1358

Pyramides // Bestia Bebé // Julepe en Niceto Club

Melodic new wave band Pyamides, indie rock band Bestia Bebe, and irresistably cheery indie pop band Julepe join forces for a Friday night indie triple header potent enough to kick off your weekend.

9 PM | AR $150 | Niceto | Niceto Vega 5510

Dallas – Excursionistas – Libélulas live at Roseti

Warehouse turned venue Roseti opens it’s semi-hidden doors once again for an eclectic blend of folk, alt. rock, rockabilly, blues, and more, courtesy of alt rock band Dallas, indie folk act Excursionistas and electrorock band Libelulas. Plus, the talented kids from MAGIC TUNDRA will be DJing. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

9 PM | ARS $70 | Roseti | Roseti 722 | Chacarita

Juan Manuel López Manfré + AvePez

JUAN MANUEL LÓPEZ MANFRÉ [JMLM] presents his latest album “La Biografia Mutante 2,” and we have to say: it’s fantastic, folks. Colombian musician Camilo Uribe’s synth and other electronic instruments compliment the singer-songwriter’s well-honed compositions for an album that is spooky, interesting, and lovely in equal measure, mixing elements of Argentine folklore and confessional indie folk. Perfect for fans of Yellow House-era Grizzy Bear and Nick Drake. He’s joined onstage by the inventive folk-pop duo Avepez.

9 PM | AR $100 | El Quetzal | Guatemala 4516

El Sur // Amor en la Isla // Pablo Neptuno // Los Pencales en NV

Holy Schnikes! The fellas from El Sur are celebrating 100 eardrum-blowing shows (the kids like it loud, ok?) and they’re celebrating in style with 3 other great bands in the underground classic Naranja Verde. Joining them for this noisey music love-fest are surf punk band Amor en la isla, quirky pop act Pablo Neptuno, and surf rock band Los Pencales.

11 PM | AR $90 | Naranja Verde | Av. Santa Fe 1284

Coral Casino & Chico Sonido en La Tangente VIE 26/05

More in the mood to get down on your Friday night? Get you and your crew to La Tangente, where Mexican underground mainstay Chico Sonido will be presenting his latest album,”Club Redy,” a collection of the DJ and producer’s darkly sexy songs that combine his love of reggaetón, perreo, dembow and kawaiiton (yes, that’s kawaii mixed with reggaetón). Joining him for this beatfest are Roque Ferrari and Lara Artesi’s R&B and downtempo synth-pop project, Coral Casino.

12 AM | AR $120 | La Tangente | Honduras 5317

Saturday | May 27

::: #FESTIEH! 2017 :::

The fourth edition of Elefante En La Habitación‘s FestiEH! has arrived. “What is FestiEH!?” you ask? We’re so glad you asked, because Jorge has written all about it: “Featuring several of the Elefante artists as well as other acts from Buenos Aires, La Plata and Cordoba, the event seeks to highlight some of the rich and varied sounds from the emerging music scenes in all three cities, putting together an eclectic line-up of artists, spanning folk, funk, rock, traditional rhythms, among others.” Playing Saturday night are GULIAimé CantiloMadison y Los ImaginariosRodrigo Carazo (Córdoba), Tincho Acosta (La Plata) and Fly Fly Caroline (Córdoba).

8:30 PM | AR $150|  VUELA EL PEZ club de arte | Cordoba 4379

Fecha Cool GhostLos Pencales + Los Bagayos de Ramallo

The Cool Ghosts return to POMO, Distrito de Arte for the second time, this time with two label acts: surf rock band Los Pencales (hey aren’t those guys playing Friday night too?) and jam band Los Bagayos de Ramallo. Plus, as a special guest, the psychedelic pop band Pitilo beat.

10 PM | ARS $60 | POMO, Distrito de Arte | Santa Rosa 5157 | Palermo

Super 1 Mundial / A. M. Ayrton Senna / Boedo en Naranja Verde

The kraut-tastic indie rock band Super 1 Mundial is back for another show in Capital, this time along with Agrupacion Musical Ayrton Senna (yeah, we have no idea), and Boedo (your guess is as good as ours). Seriously kids, put links to your music in your event descriptions/band profiles/SOMEWHERE. We all have cellphones and the internet, and there’s a plethora of options to publish your demos with reasonable fidelity. Hell, my mom has a Soundcloud. /Rant over.

11 PM | Naranja Verde | Av. Santa Fe 1284

Sunday | May 28

FestiEH! 2017 Pt. 2

The elefante-fest continues this Sunday evening, and it’s full of weird and wonderful magic. Playing: Lucila Pivetta& banda, Jeaninne Martin – Canciones (La Plata), TOCH (Córdoba), David Chorne,  María Pien, and Valbè

8:30 PM | AR $150 | VUELA EL PEZ club de arte | Cordoba 4379