I told you that this week would be astonishingly jam-packed with live music, and I wasn’t kidding. So I made the heavily hinted possibility a reality and brought in reinforcements. Starting today, we at The Setlist are actually justified in using a collective pronoun. That’s right – my buddy Jorge is back! And he’s here to stay. I’m truly excited about this next step and hope you will be too – because by god, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover. Let’s get to it.

Wednesday | May 10

Free Show At CC Recoleta: TRRUENO 

Electro-art/music collective T R R U E N O presents a trippy, beat-centric set this Wednesday for free at CC Recoleta. Playing live are Andore + Agustin Genoud, Qeei + BUNGALOVV, while DJ Anakta, VJ Tatiana Cuoco and Regina Cei will spin and provide visuals between and during sets. Evy still can’t roll her R’s enough to properly pronounce their name.

7 PM | FREE | Centro Cultural Recoleta | Junin 1930

Thursday | May 4

The Radio Dept. at  Niceto Club

Swedish dream pop veterans The Radio Dept. return to Buenos Aires for another show, presumably to perform the genre-hopping, 2016 release Running Out Of Love. Long-time fans will surely get the dose of lo-fi shoegaze they’re craving, along with the newer, more   Madchester/electropop material. The extremely talented acts Glass and La Otra Cara de la Nada open.

9 PM | AR $400| Niceto Club | Niceto Vega 5510

Salón Pueyrredón Discos presents

Does Swedish shoegaze lack the “oomph” to properly halve your week? La Previa de Salon and Salón Pueyrredón Discos presents another series of punky, special edition shows, this time with Enero Es Tan CruelCigarro Mojado, Calma Isabel, and Los Animales. Plus photo exhibitions, record fairs and more.

6 PM | FREE | Salon Pueyrredon | Santa Fe 4560 

Buencebú – Cactus! Vol.2

Buencebú and Cactus Discos join up to celebrate yet another Thursday night in Naranja Verde, this time with the enticing tagline “sensory satisfaction guaranteed.” Pop musician Matias Agustin Medina, Beach pop band Galaktica, and alt rock band Kuff Links play, making me seriously re-evaluate my bedtime.

11 PM | AR $60 | Naranja Verde | Av. Santa Fe 1284

Friday | May 12

Beach Fossils (USA) in Argentina

The dreamy, beachy (big surprise there) Brooklynites return to Argentina for the first time since their 2015 performance at Music Wins Festival to promote their upcoming LP (interesting tidbit: they took a year off to perform on the HBO series “Vinyl”). Local noise-rock act El Sur and jangly pop soloist/Perras on the Beach frontman Simon Poxyran round out the lineup for a hell of a show.

9 PM | AR $515 | Niceto Club | Niceto Vega 5510

220 Pablo Reche + Telescuela Técnica

This one’s for the synth geeks. Experimental live music series Ciclo 220 returns to Modos for its third edition, this time with experimental pop duo/instrument makers Telescuela Tecnica and ambient musician Pablo Reche.

9 PM | $100 with Free Drink | MODOS | Nicaragua 5041

If Beach Fossils is a bit out of the budget, but you’re still craving some dreamy indie rock on your Friday night, this show has you covered. Both Srta. Trueno Negro (think Pavement meets LAPTRA) and retro indie pop act Hiroshima Dandys will be presenting their latest album, plus a performance by our favorite Uruguayan twee band Julen y la Gente Sola for good measure.

9PM | AR $80 | Ladran Sancho | Guardia Vieja 3811

Vlad Tepes + Riachuelo + Magic Tundra

The hypnotic, female-led MAGIC TUNDRA was sent our way this past week, and immediately caught our interest with their deliciously rhythmic, krauty vocals and minimal beats. They’ll be sharing the stage with theatrical tango group Riachuelo Música and jazzy prog rock band Vlad Tepes for the kind of eclectic show we at the Setlist can really get into.

10 PM | $80 | Casa Rincón | Rincon 1330

Festival Buena Vibra vol. 2

We can’t say good vibes with a straight face, but this festival seems pretty dope so we’ll try to work through it. Festival Buena Vibra is back for a second go, this time with Mendozo-based indie band Usted Señalemelo, rock-steady reggae act Yataians, hip hop group Jvlian, and local indie rock darlings Tobogán Andaluz. Plus, Prana Pelu will be there if you want a new mullet haircut.

11 PM | AR $165 | Ciudad Cultural Konex | Sarmiento 3131

There’s nothing like a good jam (especially the spicy kind, with a nice sharp cheese and a cracker). Jammy ensemble Bondi hosts the third #BondiEnLaQuince, inviting Val Veneto to add a dose of Afrobeat magic to the party. If that wasn’t enough to get you on the dance floor, Fandango Danza Mestiza will be offering salsa classes early on. Get there.

12 AM | AR $100 | La Quince Espacio Cultural | Av. Corrientes 5426

Ciclo Nuevo Puerto vol. 7

Minima Discos is back for Ciclo Nuevo, and this time around it’s a bit more folk-friendly than usual. Sharing the stage for the 7th edition of the concert series are acoustic folk act Os Párpados, indie rock band Excursiones Polares and indie folk band El hipnotizador romantico.

11 PM | AR $90 | Naranja Verde | Av. Santa Fe 1284

Saturday | May 13 

La Gran Pérdida & La Otra Cara in San Telmo

Meanwhile, if you’re in the mood for some tunes that can make you feel like life on Earth is a glorious, majestic thing as opposed to a collection of panicky, stressed-out, overworked carbon molecules bumping haphazardly into each other, this reverb-laden double-bill may scratch that oddly-specific itch. La Gran Perdida de Energia performs their kinetic, life-affirming take on the post-rock genre, paired with La Otra Cara de la Nada‘s similarly glimmery, yet decidedly more sun-kissed and lyrically-inclined indie-rock stylings. Music to sway gingerly to.

9 PM | ARS $100|  Caras y Caretas San Telmo | Venezuela 330

Festival Nuestro en Tecnopolis

There’s a different kind of life-affirming that goes on at Argentine rock nacional festivals, and it can sometimes be a daunting prospect for foreigners. It’s a bit like attending your very first superclásico, and we’re not just talking about the obscenely overpriced Paty burgers and the Argentine crowd’s propensity for “whoa-oh” chants.  Festival Lo Nuestro offers a pretty good sampling of seminal and contemporary rock nacional exponents; from the boho-eclecticism of Las Pastillas del Abuelo to Nonpalidece’s chilled-out reggae vibes and Boom Boom Kid’s hypercaffeinated pop-punk, there’s a lot here to enjoy. Best of all? You don’t even have to know the lyrics; just belt out a hearty futbol chant and you’ll fit right in.

10 PM | ARS $700 | Tecnópolis | J.B. de la Salle 4365 | Villa Martelli

PEZ at Niceto II

Speaking of seminal Argentine rock bands, PEZ have managed to prosper in the Argentine underground scene for nearly 25 years, fostering a fiercely dedicated following while remaining steadfast in their sound and convictions. Expertly skirting the line between old-school rockn’roll and technically-minded progressive rock, their live performances are ferocious and stirring and, it would seem, a heck of a workout. Nene Almibar opens.

9 PM | AR $280 | Niceto Club | Niceto Vega 5510

Dark Side of The Party: Mi Nave, Riel, Temporada de Tormentas

The 11th edition of Dark Side of the Party serves not just as a mini-music festival but also an overall multimedia experience, showcasing photography, illustrations and paintings along with video projections, DJ sets, and live performances by post-rockers Mi Nave, dream-rock power-duo Riel and instrumental mathcore band Temporada de Tormentas. The event strives to capture a cultural moment through these various mediums, resulting in a wonderful smorgasboard of the arts (and intimidatingly cool, creative people we’d probably be too nervous to even say hi to).

11 PM | ARS $100 | El Emergente Almagro | Francisco Acuña de Figueroa 1030

Mujercitas Terror + Los acidos at Naranja Verde

Mujercitas Terror earned our admiration the second we laid eyes on their album cover art: wide-eyed, slack-jawed, impossibly spooky Burton archetypes, dressed entirely in splotches of runny black ink. We just needed the songs to be good, and by gosh, they were: upbeat, angsty, catchy as all hell, bridging the gap between horror-punk and shoegaze, with melodies several degrees sunnier than their band aesthetic would lead you to expect. Meanwhile, Los Acidos live up to both their cover art (a trippy Zabriskie Point fever dream, with mushroom trees and a sliced lemon sun in the horizon) and their band name with their synthy space-rock psychedelia. They join forces for what promises to be a simultaneously frightening and enlightening evening of music at Naranja Verde.

11 PM | Naranja Verde | Av. Santa Fe 1284

Ciclo Abismal #2 Lobo De Lava Coya Queimada Katon

Stoner rock is here to stay, and Ciclo Abismal is dead-set on getting you your fix this week. In their second edition, unapologetic stoner rock band Lobo de Lava, the psychedelic neosoul COYA,  grungy psych rock band Queimada, and La Plata-based stoner rocker Katon play. Expect lots of long, unruly hair whipping around and some of the nicest folks you’ll ever meet.

11 PM | AR $70 | Espacio Cultural Mi Casa | Aguero 787

Sunday | May 14

El Under no existe – Segunda Convocatoria

Respect and unity, DIY-style. The facetiously named series continues this Sunday night, this time with friends from far and wide.  From Paraná, Entre Ríos, La Carroña Rock Basura will be playing a mix of blues and post-punk, while The Black Furs will play death blues a la early Black Keys (except maybe a little more badass). Plus luthier-magic courtesy of Papperland, a record fair hosted from Caos Records, live art, metegol, and more.

9 PM | AR $50 | La Comunidad del Sotano | Nicasio Oroño 2480