Welcome to another edition of The Setlist, your one-stop resource for all the best live gigs in Buenos Aires! And this week, it’s a special installment of The Setlist. Can you feel the excitement in the air? Have you noticed how everybody you’ve talked to today is a little happier, a little friendlier, a little kinder? Do you feel the joyful, rapturous anticipation of the ever-elusive four-day weekend? Oh, it’s here, and it’s so very real. The entire city seems overcome with ecstatic giddiness at the chance to get a much-deserved extended break from the daily grind. And we here at The Setlist feel it too. That’s why we’ve put together a killer lineup of local shows for you to make the most of this wondrous thing we call Semana Santa.

Check the playlist below to get a taste of the bands featured in this week’s Setlist (well, the ones we could find on Spotify, at least)! And don’t forget to follow The Bubble on Spotify for our weekly Setlist picks and much more!

Wednesday | March 28

FestiBalú: Valbé, Leguero, Enelotromundo Quarteto

Do you know that some people actually get a five-day weekend? It’s true: Thursday is being recognized as a feriado by some employers. Whether you’re one of the lucky ones who get to bask in an additional day of slothful idleness or not, FestiBalbú is a kickass way to spend your Wednesday evening, featuring performances by the folk-tinged, bossa-nova influenced, kinda-funky-kinda-hip-hoppy group Valbè, the bluesy pop-rock of Legüero, and the experimental chamber music of Enelotromundo Quarteto.

9 PM | AR $120 | Vuela el Pez | Av. Cordoba 4379

Caen Rayos, Doppler, Los Fritos, Cine Jogging

Alternatively, you could hit up La Comunidad del Sotano for this excellent lineup of garage punk-rockers Caen Rayos, power-trio D O P P L E R,  angular sci-fi indie-rockers Los Fritos, and the garage-psychedelia of Cine Jogging.

7 PM | AR $50 | La Comunidad del Sotano | Nicasio Oroño 2480

Thursday | March 29

Los Posibles, Calma Isabel, Chamacos

Kirie Music Club serves as the venue for the manic blast of energy that is this lineup, featuring the fuzzy post-punk of Los Posibles, the choppy, Replacements-tinged rockn’roll of Chamacos, and perennial Setlist favorites: the mighty Calma Isabel.

10 PM | Kirie Music Club | Bolivar 813

The Cherry Bomb Peppers and Loch Ness at Liverpool

Hold on a second. What year is it? Where are we? Have we somehow been magically transported from 2018 Buenos Aires to mid-sixties Liverpool? How can I make use of my future knowledge to acquire wealth and power? Wait, nevermind, it’s just a rock show at Liverpool Bar celebrating English pop music, featuring the wonderfully anachronistic (and somewhat disorienting) sounds of The Cherry Bomb Peppers and Loch Ness.

11 PM | Liverpool bar palermo | Arévalo 1376

Mateo de La Luna, Césped, Toquelau and Los Parques

We come across a lot of venues on The Setlist, and it’s very rare that one of them jumps out at us for any reason beyond its propensity to host great shows. I’m pretty sure this is our first time featuring a show at Tio Bizarro, but its evocative name alone has made it an instant favorite, and we will henceforth be sure to feature them as much as possible. Of course it helps when the venue puts together a show such as this one, with the talents of sideways indie-popper Mateo de la Luna, the jaunty pop-rock of Toquelau, the solar-glare indie rock of Césped, and the shoegazey New Wave of Los Parques.

11 PM | AR $100 | Tio Bizarro | Carlos Pellegrini 878

La Pardo Big Band at JJ Circuito Cultural

There’s nothing quite like seeing a big band on stage — something about seeing a dozen or so musicians working in unison to push a musical idea forward is just inherently thrilling. The fact that La Pardo Big Band plays such an eclectic combination of jazz, cumbia, rock, funk, pop, latin, jazz, tango and candombe, and does so with aplomb, makes it that much more exciting. They’ll be playing at JJ Circuito Cultural with folk duo SomoSoy opening.

8:30 PM | AR $120 | JJ Circuito Cultural | Jean Jaures 347

Walfer, Fábula and Gemini at El Emergente

Come to El Emergente for a very affordably-priced evening of music featuring bilingual power-poppers Walfer, the folk-rock of Fábula, and the reverb-soaked rock songs of Gemini.

9 PM | AR $60 | El Emergente | Gallo 333

Friday | March 30

Fiesta Invasión: Miranda! at Niceto

Ah yes, Miranda!, probably the first Argentine band to ever catch my attention on MTV and make me go “… huh?” The maddeningly catchy, irresistibly danceable, relentlessly odd pop duo will be taking over the Niceto stage as part of Fiesta Invasión this Friday. Come check them out, if only to find out what they sing during the “es la guitarra de Lolo” part now that Lolo’s not in the band anymore.

11:50 PM | AR $350 | Niceto Club | Niceto Vega 5510

Chicos de Nazca and Hurricane Heart Attacks at La Tangente

Remember how we talked about that Liverpool show being oddly anachronistic? This one is sort of like that, too. The throwback English-language pop/rock psychedelia of Chicos de Nazca and Hurricane Heart Attacks is sure to have you wondering whether you’re in a Palermo venue or some Liverpudlian pub in the mid-80s.

8 PM | AR $150 | La Tangente | Honduras 5317

Saturday | March 31

Manthrass, Los Devas and Tricomas at Club V

Come get loud and rowdy at Club V, with the bluesy, sludgy, noisy rock of MANTHRASS, the propulsive, distorted attack of Los Devas, and the no-nonsense hard rock TricomaS.

11 PM | AR $120 | Club V | Av. Corrientes 5008

Hermeto Pascoal at Parador Konex

And for something completely different, legendary Brazilian songwriter, arranger and multi-instrumentalist Hermeto Pascoal is bringing his blend of jazz and traditional Brazilian rhythms to Konex. Come watch the sun set from a beautiful venue as this absolute genius regales us with various cuts from his storied career.

6:30 PM | AR $500 | CIUDAD CULTURAL KONEX | Sarmiento 3131

Sunday | April 1

Julepe, Ixtlán, Terrores Nocturnos at La Tangente

Hey it’s April now! Take a moment to reflect on the fact that this year that literally just started is about a quarter of the way through, another sign of the speed at which we are barrelling towards nothing. Then go to La Tangente and soothe your existential dread away with music by introspective indie-rockers  Julepe, the thrilling guitar attack of Ixtlan, and the band  Terrores Nocturnos, who are really hard to find information about online but describe their music as “songs about the end of things, played enthusiastically”. Hey, that’s right up our alley.

11 PM | AR $120 | La Tangente | Honduras 5317

Telefonema, Laika Vive at Club Eter

Aleli Cheval and Gustavo Plaza’s dark-pop project Telefonema is playing a free show at Eter Club Bar, with support from dreamy downbeat band Laika Vive.

8 PM | Free! | Eter Club Bar | Cuenca 2783

Chicos de Nazca, Sentidos Alterados, Viet/Cong, The Black Furs

Our old friends from Chicos de Nazca play another show; this time, they’re joined by post-punkers Sentidos Alterados, psychedelic garage-blues band The Black Furs, and  Viet/Cong, as part of The Bristol Experience at Naranja Verde.

11 PM | AR $100 | Naranja Verde | Av. Santa Fe 1284

Monday | April 2

Fambli at Sheldon

Fambli are an awesomely soulful, groovy, jazzy group of very talented musicians playing a streamlined mix of genres and styles filtered through their own vision and resulting in kinetic and exciting performances. Also, this show is free! What better way to say goodbye to the extra-long weekend?

9 PM | Free! | Sheldon | Honduras 4969

Tuesday | April 3

Powerdack Live at the Roxy

Well, that was fun while it lasted. Everything must come to an end and so the extra-long weekend is no more. But wait. Why surrender to the tedium of everyday life? Why give in to the urge to be all bummed out about it? Was it Neil Finn who sang “don’t dream it’s over”? Come on, keep the party going by attending one more show. Powerdack, with its blend of blues influences and pop melodies, should fill you with enough energy to face the rest of the working week. And hey, it’s a short week, too!

7 PM | AR $100 | The Roxy Live | Niceto Vega 5542

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