Another week, another installment of The Setlist! You know, there’s a lot going on in the world today. This 24-hour news cycle we’re permanently immersed in has painted a pretty bleak picture of constant global turmoil. Seems like every day there’s a new scandal, a new crisis, a new thing to get mad or bummed out about. The sheer weight of it all can be crushing, enough to make you want to just stay in bed forever. But studies have shown that listening to music triggers the nucleus accumbens in the brain, a structure that is also associated with dopamine, the chemical the brain releases during pleasurable activities. Also, attending concerts regularly leads to a happier, more fulfilled life. So get up off that recliner, turn off CNN and go see a live show! Here’s what’s on the docket for this week

Wednesday | July 26

Facu Tobogán and Fede at Multiespacio Korova

We start our list off with this lovely little twofer: Facu Tobogán, of the band Tobogán Andaluz, and Fede, from Julen y La Gente Sola, each play a solo acoustic set at Multiespacio Korova, for the very affordable price of: pay what you want! That’s right, this lovely exploration of acoustic-guitar melancholy is within reach for whatever money you’re comfortable shelling out. All the promise of Radiohead’s In Rainbows business model finally comes to fruition in 2017 Buenos Aires!

8 PM | Pay what you want! | Multiespacio Korova | Paraguay 4667

107 Faunos at Centro Cultural Recoleta

Jangly power-poppers 107 Faunos deliver a concentrated dose of their sugarshot melodies with a free show at Centro Cultural Recoleta, with support from indie-rockers Ella Nada Todos Los Estilos and garage-rockers Joint Travolta. An upbeat, energetic triple bill that’ll inject some pep into your working week for free. You heard it right: free! From pay-what-you-want to straight-up don’t-pay-anything, this week’s Setlist is keeping your personal finances in mind.

8 PM | Free | Centro Cultural Recoleta | Junin 1930

Thursday | July 27

Morbo y Mambo and Ensemble Vasco Russo at Matienzo

Do you like wind instruments? Do you appreciate the rich, brassy honk of a horn as it arches gracefully over a deep, funky bass groove, like the climactic moment when a friendly orca whale is released from captivity into the vast, roaring ocean that is its true home? (Sorry — here at The Setlist we recently rewatched Free Willy, and gosh does it hold up well.) If so, you’re in for a treat, because this themed show is all about celebrating the wonders of human lung capacity: brass and woodwind instruments step out from under the shadow of their stringed counterparts and into the spotlight. Morbo y Mambo performs their kinetic blend of dub, afrobeat and rock rhythms, with the support of Ensamble Vasco Russo . For once, trombones, trumpets, flugelhorns and flutes rule the day.

10 PM | AR $150 | Club Cultural Matienzo | Pringles 1249

Goodbye Indiegentes: Gativideo, Buba Lima and DJ Betas at Niceto

All good things come to an end. Whether it be Netflix’s recent cancellation of SENSE8, or that time Geocities unceremoniously pulled the plug on its long-running website hosting services thus forever shutting down our old Dragon Ball fanpages, the best things in life are finite. And it is that sense of finality that provides us meaning, vitality and purpose: if things just kept going indefinitely, it’d be a senseless mess of shifting goalposts, indefinitely deferred endings, and rapidly diminishing returns (like the show House of Cards, or U2’s post-2000 career.) This is why the wonderful Indiegentes series, which for a long time championed new and rising talents in the Porteño indie scene, is coming to an end. However, they’re going out with a blast: Chau Indiegentes acts as their de facto goodbye party at Niceto, featuring dance-pop band Gativideo, retro-synthwavers Buba Luma, and IDM musician DJ Betas. Like with all goodbye parties, there’ll be a tinge of sadness to the proceedings, but at least with that lineup you’ll have more than enough fodder to dance the blues away.

11 PM | AR $150 | Niceto Club | Niceto Vega 5510

Friday | July 28

El Sur, Pyramides, Contenti and The New New at Club Plasma

Three of these bands — namely indie rockers El Sur, shoegazey post-punkers Pyramides, and the melancholy psychedelia of Contenti — have a somewhat consistent aesthetic, feature boyish, autumnal, wistful indie-rock songs, with shimmering guitar lines that sound like a half-remembered Cure sound breaking through the fog of memory. The fourth band, The New New, is a bit more on the aggressive side, featuring harsh vocals over pounding drums and roaring lines of distorted bass. However, the spirit of this event is entirely, consistently DIY, heart-on-sleeve, and music-first. The way it should be. 

11 PM | AR $60 | Club Plasma | Piedras 1856

Amigo da Onça, Callao, Lora Porro and Pelu Garcia y el Sindicato Mental at Naranja Verde

Amigo da Onça play spidery, somewhat claustrophobic, experimental jams that burrow into your consciousness and stay there for a while, like the best parts of Slint’s discography through some sort of turbocharged filter. They are joined by Rosarino punk rock band Lora Porro, the askew desert-rock of Pelu Garcia y el Sindicato Mental, and the punky, summery sounds of Callao.

11 PM | AR $50 | Naranja Verde | Av. Santa Fe 1284

Festival 90ero (Hardcore Punk) at Uniclub

Uniclub celebrates everything that was wonderful about punk rock in the nineties. No, we’re not talking about Blink 182– we’re talking about Argentine punk rock. We’re talking Argentos with a legitimate grudge against the government, armed with sneers and power chords, singing football chants over Ramones choruses. We’re talking loud guitars, bad attitudes and a whole lot of hand gesturing. This festival’s lineup includes such seminal bands as Flema, NDI, Katarro Vandaliko, EDO, Asphix and Sincope. Are all the scowly faces on the bands’ facebook pages a little intimidating? Sure. Could a lineup like this be a little daunting for a foreigner? Yeah. Should you go anyway? Absolutely!

11:30 PM | AR $100 | Uniclub | Guardia Vieja 3360

Saturday | July 29

La Suma de Todos Los Tiempos, Cabeza Flotante and Riel at Niceto

La Suma de Todos los Tiempos showcase their excellent new album El Futuro Para Siempre, mixing noise-rock, after-hours psychedelia and shoegaze in the form of a truly stunning sonic soundscape. They are joined by power duo (and perennial Setlist favorites) Riel, as well as Cabeza Flotante, a band that dares ask (and promptly answer) the question: what if The Strokes were Argentinian?

8 PM | AR $150 | Niceto Club | Niceto Vega 5510

Mujercitas Terror at Experimento con un Muerto

Mujercitas Terror, one of the coolest bands to ever legitimately frighten us with their album art, bring their brand of streamlined, energetic horror-punk to this underground party / art exhibition, featuring the multimedia works of Eduardo Imasaka and Maia Koenig. Adding a whole other level of coolness is the fact that this is one of those “PM for address” type affairs, which makes it feel like we’re getting away with something.

6 PM | AR $50 | San Telmo (PM for Address)

Pergamusi, Susi Pireli, Azpiri and ElectroPiró at Mi Casa

Finally for this week, you couldn’t find a more charming lineup if you tried: bedroom-pop outfit Pergamusi returns to Espacio Cultural Mi Casa to debut some of their brand new work, and then to party the night away. They are accompanied by the twee sounds of Susi Pireli, Azpiri and ElectroPiró.

11 PM | AR $80 | Espacio Cultural Mi Casa | Aguero 787