Welcome to another edition of The Setlist, the only weekly column highlighting the best of what’s happening in the Buenos Aires independent live music scene! You know, we often hear this grumbling of “ugh, there’s just no good music being made today;” invariably, this is uttered by someone who hasn’t really been paying attention to what’s really all around them. There’s so much worthwhile, interesting stuff happening in the fringes, on the periphery of pop culture’s fickle affections. That’s where we come in. Let us direct your attention to some of it. From pop to punk, candombe to death metal, here are some shows worth checking out this week!

Wednesday | July 12

Oesterheld, Cactus de Rosa and Lumens at Centro Cultural Recoleta

We get things started with a free event at Centro Cultural Recoleta (which happens to be one of our favorite Centro Culturales). This is part of the Radar Música program which pits established artists of the Argentine rock scene with fledgling up-and-comers. This time around, we have Oesterheld‘s amalgamation of progressive rock and autochthonous rhythms, Cactus de Rosa‘s groovy, funk-tinged dance-pop, and Lumens‘s brand of angular, instrumental rock music, all scratching decidedly-different parts of your live-music itch. And for a price like this (again:free), you can’t afford not to go! Or maybe you can. We don’t know your financial situation. To be honest, that’s 100% your business.

7 PM | Free | Centro Cultural Recoleta | Junin 1930

Pato Lange at POE Super Jam

Keeping with the theme of “cool stuff to do on a Wednesday evening that also happens to be free”, POE, one of the coolest little underground nooks in Buenos Aires, is putting together a “Super-Jam” centered around rockn’roller Pato Lange, who will be presenting songs from his own repertoire as well as a few strategically-picked cover versions, and several special guests from Buenos Aires’s burgeoning music scene. Sweet!

9 PM | Free | POE | 3 de Febrero 2772

Artistry Big Band at Bebop Club

Do you enjoy live jazz? Do you like bobbing your head up and down as you try to follow along with whatever crazy modulations the saxophonist’s improvisational whimsy guided them towards? Do you like smirking discretely yet noticeably to yourself as you catch a reference or musical quote to a famous jazz work, as if to say “deliciously satirical; I wonder if anyone else caught that”? Of course you do. Who doesn’t? And thankfully for all of us, Artistry Big Band, purveyors of thrilling, lushly-orchestrated big-band style jazz, are great at all of those things. They’ll be featuring cuts from their second album, Secreto en Maschwitz, at Bebop Club. And we’ll be there, taking it all in, bobbing our heads up and down, feeling pretty good about our station in life.

9 PM | AR $200 | Bebop Club | Moreno 364

Thursday | July 13

Julián Oroz & Facundo Galli, María Pien & Lucila Pivetta at CIRCE

Here at The Setlist we’re big fans of dense, layered, multi-instrumental musical journeys, but by gosh, there’s something so thoroughly satisfying about the stripped-down guitar-and-vocals stylings of a good folk show; here’s a double-dose of duos, featuring the pair-ups of Lucila Pivetta & María Pien; along with Julian Oroz & Facundo Galli, who just recently recorded a delightful little EP together.

9 PM | AR $150 | CIRCE Fabrica de Arte | Cordoba 4335

INNERTE, Victimario, Vil Murra and DUHALDE at Club V

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, here’s something with a decidedly more ear-splitting, guttural-voiced, accidental-demon-invoking edge. Death-metal outfits INNERTE and Victimario, sludgy thrashers Vil Murra and punk-rockers DUHALDE bring loud guitars, breakneck tempos and snarling attitudes to the forefront to “Jueves de Terror” at Club V. What to expect from such intimidatingly titled affair (and bands)? In short: an ephemeral burst of noise, passion, color, thrashing, light (raging against the dying of), violet liqueurs drunk from shivering goblets of skin scrawled with blasphemous names, other girls’ phone numbers, new things to do with drop-D tunings, and cosmetic retailers. Lo, and Lucifer saw that it was good.

10 PM | AR $50 | Club V | Corrientes 5008

Lea Ben Sasson and Diego Savoretti at Torquato Tasso

You know, we do a good amount of research to bring you this weekly live music recommendations column. Yes, we get a lot of show invites, but there’s also a lot of scouring the outer reaches of the “Discover” tab on Facebook’s Events section. As such, we read a good amount of Event descriptions, and most are self-congratulatory pablum. Every once in a while, though, we stumble upon a rare gem that transcends the format and cuts through the noise, achieving its own kind of beauty. Such is the case with the Facebook Event description for the upcoming show by Diego Savoretti and Uruguayan singer Lea Ben Sasson, which is loaded with such a level of dry, self-deprecating wit that it reads more like a comedy roast than the kind of tepid self-aggrandizement you usually get with these things. And if the aforementioned description wasn’t enough to get us to wholeheartedly recommend this show, well, the music’s pretty great too! This deserves your patronage; it definitely earned ours.

8:30 PM | AR $165 | Torquato Tasso | Defensa 1575

Friday | July 14

A Casa, Eugenia Renata and Super Super Dub Station at Silencio de Negras

We’re big fans of this particular event because it features three musicians who operate on fairly distinct musical genres and stylings, yet they share an overall aesthetic that transcends the specifics of what subgenres they navigate or what instruments they’re playing, all the while keeping in line with the event’s spacey, ethereal theme. More concretely, all three artists make music that sounds like beautiful, faulty transmissions crackling in from some far-off galaxy, glitching into gloriously otherworldly harmony by distance and digital noise. Experimental post-rockers A Casa, celestial synth-popper Eugenia Renata, and the nocturnal sounds of Super Super Dub Station attempt to bring you one step closer to understanding what alien music would probably sound like (if aliens had music).

8:30 PM | Silencio de Negras | Luis Sáenz Peña 663

Las Ligas Menores and Gin Tronic at La Tangente

Las Ligas Menores blast back onto the scene with another serving of their effortlessly energetic shimmery guitar-rock songs, with support from deep house/IDM group Gin Tronic.

11:50 PM | AR $160 | La Tangente | Honduras 5317

Saturday | July 15

Radio Tribuna and Libelulas at Temple Bar

Radio Tribuna, one of the most interesting bands in the porteño scene, is taking a temporary break from Buenos Aires stages as they prepare to embark on a Mexican journey, so they’ve decided to have a proper send-off with an all-out bash at Temple Bar featuring singer-songwriter Francisco Villa and experimental ambient/electronic rock group Libelulas. Lost luggage and jetlag are a pain in the neck, so come wish them a good trip!

9 PM | AR $70 | Temple Bar | Las Heras 1822

El Gran Búfalo Blanco, Los Darwin and Niños Envueltos at POMO

El Gran Búfalo Blanco have taken it upon themselves to once a month fill the POMO stage with their infectious synth-laden pop songs, a noble goal in of itself. This time around, they’ll be joined by the post-punk wanderlust of Los Darwin as well as the psychedelic folk-rock of Niños Envueltos (which, translating to “Wrapped Children”, earns them the title of Favorite Band Name of the Week).

11 PM | AR $70 | POMO, distrito de arte | Santa Rosa 5157

Sergio Pángaro at Bebop Club

Seeing Sergio Pángaro live is a bit like seeing a stand-up comedian, a bit like seeing a talk show host, and a bit like seeing “Only the Lonely”-era Frank Sinatra. This time around, he’ll be performing with a jazz trio at Bebop Club, a setting which is especially fitting; having seen this consummate showman in a range of venues, from giant industrial warehouses to old-fashioned showrooms in the wrong side of town, it’s always the more intimate spaces where he shines, working the crowd like some great vaudeville performer.

11:50 PM | AR $200 | Bebop Club | Moreno 364

La Saga de Sayweke at Gregon Bar

La Saga de Sayweke, a truly awe-inspiring progressive instrumental group making music that expands in different directions while thrusting forward with intense momentum, will be joined by special guests and previewing material from their upcoming album. Sounds fun. Let’s go.

9 PM | Gregon Bar | Hipolito Yrigoyen 4071